Poilievre Gets Massive Crowd In London, Ontario As Charest Campaign Seethes

As has been the case since the beginning of the CPC leadership race, the energy of pro-freedom Canadians is the dominant force.

Through every twist and turn of the CPC leadership race, the media and the Charest campaign have attempted to give the impression of energy and momentum to the establishment narrative.

Each attempt has fallen flat, since it was so divorced from reality.

By contrast, the Poilievre campaign hasn’t had to ‘create’ the narrative of momentum, because the evidence is there for all to see.

In Ontario, a province that will be crucial to the outcome of the next federal election, Poilievre drew a massive crowd of over 1,000 people:

“1,300+ came out tonight in London.

They’re tired of Trudeau Liberals calling people ugly names, dividing our country & failing to deliver basic services a government should.

So they’re voting. To take back control of their lives. And make Canada the freest country on earth.”

You’ll notice how the media rarely references the fact that Poilievre’s events are full of people of all backgrounds. That would fly in the face of the false ‘far-right’ narrative they’ve tried to push.

Charest campaign seethes

As Poilievre continues to bring in massive crowds, the Charest campaign is seething, and remains mired in anger and negativity.

Most recently, Charest dismissed Poilievre as offering people “shiny objects”, the same kind of arrogant dismissal of the importance of freedom and limited government that we see from the Liberals.

Charest and the establishment may be doing well in Canada, but most Canadians aren’t. Life is getting less and less affordable, while our freedoms are being eroded.

Poilievre recognizes this, talks about it, and proposes ideas to get Canada back on the right track. For that reason, he draws out big crowds of people.

Charest’s arrogant dismissal of the challenges facing the country, and his campaign’s negative and divisive tone are why he is unable to draw the same level of support.

All the evidence points to the Poilievre campaign being a strong, pro-freedom movement, and the Charest campaign a largely media-constructed shell that is empty on the inside.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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