Canada Has The Opportunity To Grow Our Energy Sector, Become More Prosperous, And Help An Ally In Need. Trudeau Is Already Trying To Sabotage It.

Helping our allies and strengthening our energy independence would be a huge win-win. But the Trudeau Liberals don’t want this country to succeed.

At this point, there can be no mincing of words and no performative subtlety.

The Trudeau Liberals are unmistakably and deliberately seeking to impoverish this country, to achieve their radical ideological ends.

There is no other explanation, given the facts in front of us.

And that was made all the more clear by Justin Trudeau’s response to the potential for Canada to sell LNG to Europe:

He’s already trying to sabotage it.

“Justin Trudeau says “the world needs to accelerate ending its dependency on oil and gas in general” in light of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.”

As you can see, Trudeau is completely devoted to an irrational and extreme ideology.

You notice this by how he completely ignores the easiest and most obvious solution to problem posed by a reduction in Russian energy supplies:

Canada should produce more.

It’s that simple.

Canada has a massive amount of energy.

Our allies need energy.

We can produce more energy and help alleviate their shortages, while also helping them become even less dependent on energy supplies from dictatorships.

It’s a win-win.

Canada makes more money, our country is less divided, our allies get help in the face of their energy crisis, and hostile nations lose leverage.

In a dangerous world, and a world where raw economic power leads to military power, it is absurd for a country like Canada to pass up an opportunity like this.

Yet that is exactly what Justin Trudeau is doing.

He puts his ‘climate agenda’ above everything else, above our economic well-being, above the unity of our country, above our alliances, above ‘standing up to Putin’ as he loves to claim (then doing absolutely nothing of substance).

By elevating his radical ideology all other concerns, Trudeau continues to do ongoing damage to this country, leaving us weaker and poorer at home, and less influential in the world.

What makes all of this even more stunning is that Trudeau said all of this standing next to the German chancellor, the leader of a country that explicitly tried to do exactly what Trudeau is doing (transition to green energy without it making economic sense) and had it end in total disaster. Trudeau is standing next to someone who is desperately trying to find scraps of energy to keep factories running, keep heat flowing, and keep the lights on, and thinks it would be smart to emulate that debacle.

Canadians must wake up and realize that the federal government is deliberately trying to impoverish this country, and only a change of government will ensure that some basic common-sense is restored.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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