Does Nothing In This Country Work?

Concerns grow Canada’s rail system will struggle to handle large grain harvest, just the latest example of this nation failing to capitalize on opportunity.

Try to imagine a country perfectly situated for nearly unlimited per capita income.

What would it look like?

Where would it be?

What kind of resources would it have?

What allies would it have?

At this point, you’re likely imagining a country quite similar to Canada.

A massive amount of territory.

A relatively small population.

An alliance with the world’s richest and most powerful country.

No enemies on any direct borders.

Part of an even larger alliance of free and democratic nations.

Massive food production potential.

Nearly unlimited oil and gas reserves.

Incredible mining potential.

Vast forests.

And on and on.

With even a bit of ambition, effort, and the right attitude, this country should be a place where the per capita income is off the charts.

Canada should be a paradise.

And yet, we are falling shockingly short of our true potential.

Our per capita GDP is comparable to many European countries that have none of our advantages.

Our production and sale of our resources is artificially held back by an ideological federal government that allows hostile nations to enrich themselves at our expense.

We are subject to a government that tells us it can save the climate of the planet, yet can’t even get the basics of national infrastructure right.

Consider the following, as reported by BNN Bloomberg:

“The world desperately needs more grain, and Canada is set to harvest a bumper crop. The only problem is that snags in the country’s railway system may make it difficult to ship.

Last year, the nation’s two major railways struggled to move Canada’s much smaller 2021 crop amid disruptions from wildfires, floods and extreme weather. This year, the northern nation will likely harvest its third biggest wheat crop on record and 42 per cent more canola.

“They couldn’t do a crop that’s 40 per cent lower. What’s going to happen when we have a normal one again?” said Mark Hemmes, president of Quorum Corp., a company hired by the federal government to monitor Canada’s grain-transportation system. “Anybody in this business is worried about it.””

How can this happen?

How can this country – which largely has to simply get resources to market in order to lift up our standard of living and help our allies – continually fail to get it right?

This country, under the current federal government, appears to increasingly be a strange historical aberration: A nation blessed with the potentially for nearly unlimited wealth, while being absolutely unwilling to make the most of opportunity that is literally being handed to us.

It’s the same with Justin Trudeau talking down the idea of Canada selling LNG to Germany.

Germany needs it.

They are a democratic ally, trying to escape from their dependence on energy from an authoritarian state in Russia.

Canadians are struggling, and our nation certainly needs an infusion of wealth.

It’s a win-win.

And yet, we are being held back by a government in thrall to an irrational and anti-growth ideology that is explicitly making Canadians poorer.

We are being held back from achieving our true potential as Canadians, and that causes significant suffering both here and among our friends in allied nations.

We have everything we need, the work ethic, the people, the resources, the allies, and the opportunities. All we lack is a government that is willing to just get out of the way.

Canadians must realize that only a change of government can fix this. Under the Liberals, more and more money is spent, more and more our earnings are taken by the government, and yet nothing works.

A hopeful, free, and prosperous future lies ahead for our nation, but we can only seize it if we vote out the Trudeau government and elect people who believe in liberty and economic growth.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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