Industry Warns Trudeau Government Fertilizer Reductions Could Cause Serious Damage

These warnings must be heeded.

With the Trudeau government pushing ahead with their fertilizer reduction targets, key players in the industry are warning about the dangerous consequences those policies will bring.

A report commissioned by Fertilizer Canada and the Canola Council of Canada says the planned 30% emissions cut from nitrogen-based fertilizer by 2030 is unworkable, and would be highly damaging if met.

At most they say, a 14% reduction can be made without serious problems:

“The report concludes that it may be possible to achieve a 14 per cent reduction in emissions from fertilizer by 2030, but that reaching 30 per cent is not “realistically achievable without imposing significant costs on Canada’s crop producers and potentially damaging the financial health of Canada’s crop production sector.”

“I believe what (this report) is saying is the 30 per cent reduction target is not achievable without putting production and exports in jeopardy, and we’ve been saying that all along,” said Tom Steve, general manager of the Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions.

“It was an arbitrary target that was set somewhere in the government, with no path as to how it was going to be achieved.”

And, as noted, this is in direct opposition to the pressure being placed on the sector:

“Still, farmers have warned the goal is too ambitious, especially at a time when Canada’s agriculture industry is being asked to produce more to help address global food security fears.

“It’s really taken our eye off the ball of what is needed in our industry, which is to become more efficient and productive and competitive,” Steve said. “Most farmers already do whatever they can to reduce their use of fertilizer — it’s their most expensive input.””

Trudeau government ruining Canada’s great inheritance

Canada is a truly blessed nation.

Our immense landmass is full of natural resources, and we are able to feed our own population and also many other people around the world.

Simply by stepping back and doing nothing, the government could ensure that Canada grows rapidly, has peaceful prosperity, and is able to profit by providing other countries with what they need.

But instead of stepping back, the government is imposing itself everywhere.

The government has deliberately sought to restrain the energy sector, even passing up the massive opportunity for our nation to sell more LNG to Europe.

And now, Canada’s agricultural industry is under attack.

Canadians are watching as the government chooses to make our nation poorer. The government is choosing to hold us back from achieving our potential, choosing to drive up prices, and choosing to deprive Canadians of the profits we could be gaining through the use of our natural resources.

The warnings of the agricultural sector must be heeded, yet the Liberals give every sign of not heeding them, and pushing even more dramatically to do deliberate damage to our country and our future.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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