By Demonizing Millions Of Canadians & Pretending Canada’s Problems Aren’t Real, The Establishment Press Appears Determined To Plunge Canada Further Into The Abyss Of Rage

The more they complain about polarization and anger, the more they contribute to it.

As time goes on, we can increasingly see the strategy being used by the establishment press:

Provoke rage and polarization deliberately.

Complain about rage and polarization.

Say rage and polarization are a threat.

Demand more taxpayer money and restrictions on free speech.

Rinse and repeat.

Just look at what the Toronto Star has been publishing lately:

“Pierre Poilievre’s callous courting of Canada’s ‘deplorables’ @PierrePoilievre @CPC_HQ @JustinTrudeau @liberal_party @NDP via @torontostar”

As Alex Brown of the National Citizens Coalition noted, the establishment is now increasingly unleashed in their divisive rhetoric:

“Even the most slavish regime journos use synonyms for “deplorable.” They know it’s radioactive and disqualifying, however much they agree. Bob and his employer had no such concerns.

Wherever there are Canadians to dehumanize and wedge, there’s a Red Star hot off the presses.”

The Toronto Star also published this:

“A great deal of anger in this country is based on what are imaginary problems.

Canada is entering a phase in which anger is political currency, and someone is going to get hurt, sooner or later.”

That was written by Bruce Arthur.

Interestingly, Arthur had this to say previously:


Hypocrisy piled on top of hypocrisy

You have surely noted how the more the establishment divides the country, the more they accuse others of doing so.

It’s constant hypocrisy, constant gaslighting, and constant stoking of rage.

So, why do they think nobody notices what they are doing?

Because they’ve gotten away with it for so long, and can’t conceive of anything else happening.

By definition, the establishment has been in control, both of the direction of the nation and in the narrative around it.

That control and dominance over the narrative is slipping away.

Yet instead of doing some introspection and considering why so many Canadians are angry, the establishment lashes out at their waning power.

You see, the establishment thinks things are just fine in this country. They are able to take financial resources from the most productive Canadians and most productive regions of the country, and redirect that money towards themselves and their allies.

From their perspective, it’s a great scheme they have going:

Use taxpayer money to control the narrative and keep the Liberals in power, keep the Liberals in power so they will redirect taxpayer money towards the media, and then use that money to control the narrative and keep the Liberals in power, and on and on it goes.

As a result, the establishment media has a huge financial interest in keeping the Liberals in control of the country.

Canadians waking up and acknowledging our surging divisions, failing economy, and crumbling institutions will all lead to people demanding change. And a demand for change means the Liberals lose.

So, the establishment press has been deployed to try and turn all the anger away from the failed government, and towards those who want to see this country fulfill its full potential.

That’s what this is really about.

Canada has the potential for a future where we are prosperous, unified, and free.

The only thing standing in the way of that future is the Trudeau government and the establishment media who are being propped up by that very same government.

So, they have gone all in on trying to divide the nation and demonize millions of people, all in a desperate bid to keep the Liberals in power, even if the nation is wrecked in the process.

The more they do this, the more they push our nation further and further into the abyss of rage and division.

Spencer Fernando


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