WATCH: Pierre Poilievre Slams Trudeau’s Inflationary ‘Fix’ For Inflation

Once he stopped being heckled by the Trudeau Media, Poilievre effectively explained why Trudeau’s policies will further add to inflation, warnings that are being echoed by Canadians who understand how things actually work.

Justin Trudeau announced a ‘plan’ to provide relief to Canadians suffering through high inflation.

As I wrote about here, Trudeau’s policies will make things worse.

In response to Trudeau’s announcement, new Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre explained why Trudeau’s policies are so counterproductive, and provided an alternative.

That second part is quite important.

One thing the Conservatives have struggled with in the past is articulating a clear alternative to the policies of the Trudeau Liberals.

Much of this was because they were afraid of being criticized by the media, and wanted to be similar enough to the Liberals that they wouldn’t ‘scare’ anyone.

But of course, that didn’t work.

And as we saw today, the media attacked Poilievre even before he started sharing his ideas!

So, Poilievre is going in a different direction.

In his remarks, he explained why adding more taxes and more government spending will “add fuel to the inflationary fire,” and said the Conservatives would prioritize caps on government spending and tax reductions – including the elimination of the inflationary carbon tax.

Poilievre’s remarks were echoed by warnings that Trudeau’s ‘fix’ for inflation will in fact make the problem worse:

“Scotiabank says new cost-of-living spending announced by Prime Minister Trudeau Tuesday is increasing the likelihood the Bank of Canada will need raise interest rates above 4% #cdnecon”

“Holt: “It seems sensible to assume that this will add to pressures on measures of core inflation relative to what would have otherwise occurred and hence aggravate the Bank of Canada’s stance on monetary policy””

“Any belief that it will ease inflationary pressures must have studied different economics textbooks”

As Trudeau embraces fantasy economics, it is abundantly clear that Poilievre has the facts on his side when he talks about inflation and how to get it under control.

You can watch Poilievre’s remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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