Trudeau Liberal Coverup Of Political Interference In RCMP Further Erodes Trust In Canada’s Institutions

The same people demanding we trust our institutions are the ones destroying that trust.

The Trudeau Liberals never met a Canadian institution they didn’t want to co-opt for their own political purposes.

That was true of the Bank of Canada – who enabled Trudeau’s reckless big government agenda – and it’s true for the RCMP.

While most frontline RCMP officers are well regarded by Canadians, the upper echelon is increasingly distrusted by the nation, largely because of the perception that they work more for the Trudeau Liberals than they do for our country.

And now, the revelation that a Liberal insider deleted evidence that could have implicated the Liberal government in political interference in the RCMP regarding the Nova Scotia mass shooting has further damaged that institution’s reputation.

Those concerns were detailed by Conservative MPs Raquel Dancho & Pierre Paul-Hus in a statement:

“The coverup continues.

“It is becoming clearer that the Trudeau Liberal government doesn’t want Canadians to know the full story about its political interference into the Nova Scotia mass killing RCMP investigation.

“Now we are learning that a Liberal insider who was present during this scandal has destroyed evidence that implicates his former Liberal bosses.

“This is the definition of a coverup.

“From the beginning of this scandal and like always, the Liberal government has taken the approach of denying, blaming others, blocking witnesses, and covering up their misdeeds.

“We know the Liberal government doesn’t want Canadians to have more proof that RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki promised her Liberal masters that sensitive information about the ongoing investigation would be released to further the government’s political agenda.

“The staff meeting in which the Commissioner revealed this promise was recorded by the former Director of Communications to a Liberal Public Safety Minister, but it has disappeared. Canadians can only wonder how long it took before that recording was mysteriously erased.

“This is not the first time the Liberal government has seemingly tampered with evidence or blocked the truth.

“The Liberal government’s Justice Department was ordered to hand over written notes from the RCMP, but they withheld 4 pages of key evidence that directly implicated the Liberal Minister and the Prime Minister’s Office. Then Liberals backed by their NDP coalition blocked witnesses who were central to the back room dealing between the Liberal government and the Commissioner.

“This is the cloak and dagger approach Canadians have come to expect from this Trudeau Liberal government. Canadians deserve better.

“Conservatives will fight to ensure we get to the truth and hear from all involved, right up to the Prime Minister’s Office. This cover-up must not continue any longer.”

Liberal government undermines trust in Canadian institutions

The Liberals along with their paid-off stooges in the establishment media, love to talk about how the Opposition or Independent Media is supposedly “undermining confidence in Canada’s institutions.”

And yet, it is the Liberals who are doing exactly that.

By politicizing and manipulating once-trusted Canadian institutions, the Liberals create the conditions in which Canadians simply can’t trust our institutions to work for all of us.

The fact is, it is Independent Media and the Opposition who are trying to save Canada’s institutions, by ensuring that they return to a non-politicized stance.

That will require defeating the Trudeau Liberals, because there is no reason to believe Trudeau will ever stop trying to turn every Canadian institution into an extension of his own political power.

Spencer Fernando


The Freedom Movement in Canada is gaining strength. But the Liberal government and establishment press are already launching a full on assault to hold on to their power. That’s why we need Independent Media to continue fighting back. If you support my writing, you can make a contribution through PayPal, or directly through Stripe below.

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