Pierre Poilievre-Led Conservatives Lead Trudeau Liberals By Five Points

After a week of unhinged establishment press attacks, the Conservatives have gained support while the Liberals are down.

In my most recent political analysis newsletter, I talked about how Pierre Poilievre had a strong first week as CPC Leader, and how the reaction from the Liberals & establishment press confirmed this.

Now, a new Abacus Data poll taken entirely following Poilievre’s leadership win – shows the Conservatives leading the Liberals by five points.

According to the poll, the Conservatives have 35% nationwide, up from 33% in the most recent pre-Poilievre Abacus poll.

The Liberals are at 30%, down from 32% previously.

The NDP and Bloc are at 17% and 9% respectively. That’s a drop of 2 points for the NDP, and a gain of 2 points for the Bloc.

The Greens – currently in a state of internal implosion – are at 4%.

The PPC are also at 4%.

Conservatives lead in the West & Ontario

The Poilievre-led CPC across the entirety of Western Canada and in Ontario.

Here are the regional numbers:

BC – Conservatives 33%, NDP 28%, Liberals 25%

Alberta – Conservatives 56%, NDP 21%, Liberals 14%

Saskatchewan/MB – Conservatives 51%, Liberals 24%, NDP 21%

Ontario – Conservatives 38%, Liberals 34%, NDP 19%

Quebec – Bloc 37%, Liberals 30%, Conservatives 19%

Atlantic Canada – Liberals 49%, Conservatives 36%, NDP 19%

Dominance in the West, combined with strength in Ontario, is how the Conservatives won a majority government in 2011.

Poilievre is demonstrating the ability earlier on to build a similar type of broad-based victory.

The fact that he already has the CPC gaining some support, despite the meltdown of the establishment press demonstrates how the strategy of bypassing the media and going directly to the Canadian People is a sound one.

It also shows how independent media is making it tougher and tougher for the establishment to push a dishonest narrative, because now there is relentless pushback.

Clearly, Pierre Poilievre should continue to ignore the increasingly irrelevant establishment media, and get his pro-freedom message out to Canadians on his own terms.

Spencer Fernando


The Freedom Movement in Canada is gaining strength. But the Liberal government and establishment press are already launching a full on assault to hold on to their power. That’s why we need Independent Media to continue fighting back. If you support my writing, you can make a contribution through PayPal, or directly through Stripe below.

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