Trudeau Government To Finally End Border Restrictions

Planned move comes shortly after Pierre Poilievre won the CPC leadership with a campaign that emphasized opposition to draconian government restrictions.

The Trudeau government has long claimed their pandemic moves were grounded in science.

Most Canadians have come to see that the government was instead making moves grounded in politics.

Before the 2021 election, Justin Trudeau made a big deal about how Canada wasn’t a country that would use vaccine mandates.

Once he feared losing the election however, he decided to use vaccination status as a wedge issue, an approach he continued by imposing a vaccine mandate on truckers.

Canada has since increasingly become an outlier in the Western world, leaving draconian restrictions in place long after many countries have moved on.

But now, it appears political concerns are once again driving a change in policy.

Not long after Pierre Poilievre won the CPC leadership, the Liberals started to muse about how they would take more steps to ‘address’ inflation.

And Poilievre again appears to be pushing the Liberals into a responsive mode, as growing reports indicate the Trudeau government will be ending border restrictions.

That the move is being made a short time after Poilievre became the Opposition Leader, tells you that the Liberals are quite concerned that his anti-restriction message is popular among Canadians.

Already, a cabinet committee had recommended – unanimously – the removal of the restrictions, but the final move is in the hands of Justin Trudeau.

Reports now indicate that he will allow the measures to lapse on September 30th.

This means that ArriveCAN will become optional, and testing and quarantining will end.

Vaccine mandates at the border will also end.

The many Canadians who spoke up against these draconian measures – ourselves included – are also a big part of why this is happening.

Even Liberal MPs sometimes feel the pressure to respond to public opinion, and the voices of Canadians have been increasingly strong in demanding a real return to normal, despite Justin Trudeau’s authoritarian instincts.

Still, this move doesn’t erase the fact that many Canadians suffered under these draconian restrictions, and doesn’t change the fact that we know now this government is completely willing to abuse their power.

All the fines levied on Canadians for refusing to use the ArriveCAN app must be refunded.

And we must ensure the Liberals are defeated, because they obviously can’t be trusted not to bring back draconian restrictions in the future.

Spencer Fernando


The Freedom Movement in Canada is gaining strength. But the Liberal government and establishment press are already launching a full on assault to hold on to their power. That’s why we need Independent Media to continue fighting back. If you support my writing, you can make a contribution through PayPal, or directly through Stripe below.

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