Illegal Border Crossings Hit Highest Level In Six Years

As the Trudeau government was imposing draconian restrictions on Canadian Citizens at the border, illegal border crossings surged in 2022.

A continued trend with the Trudeau government is that law-abiding Canadians are often demonized and treated like criminals, while those who actually break the law are coddled or praised.

We see it in how the Liberal government treats law-abiding Canadian gun owners, who are subjected to relentless fear-campaigns, misinformation, and more and more government interference, at the same time as the Liberals perpetuate a ‘justice system’ that places criminals ahead of victims.

Most recently, the Liberals mused about drug dealers ‘just trying to put food on the table,’ showing a level of compassion for criminals that they never show for law-abiding firearm owners.

Another way this manifests is how the Liberal government maintained draconian border mandates and restrictions far longer than many comparable countries, even as illegal border crossings surged.

As reported by Reuters, the number of illegal border crossings this year has already totaled 23,358:

“The number of asylum-seekers entering Canada between formal border crossings has surged to the highest point since the government started tracking them in 2017, as dropped pandemic restrictions enable more travel and conflict and catastrophe displace people in many parts of the world.

In the first eight months of 2022, Royal Canadian Mounted Police intercepted 23,358 asylum-seekers crossing into the country at unofficial entry points, 13% more than all of 2017, when an influx of border-crossers at Roxham Road, near the Quebec-New York border, made international headlines.”

This is quite on brand for the Liberals: Impose draconian rules on people who are actually Canadian Citizens, while doing little about a surge in illegal crossings at our borders.

The Liberal political establishment has so deeply internalized an anti-West, anti-Canadian worldview that they seem almost gleeful in punishing their own Citizens while elevating non-Citizens who break the laws of this country.

Spencer Fernando


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