Trudeau’s Long-Overdue Removal Of Draconian Restrictions Confirms It Was About Politics & Power All Along

The ‘science’ always seems to match up with the political interests of the Liberal government. Funny how that works…

The Trudeau Liberal government has finally removed vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and the mandatory ArriveCAN app (which is now optional).

This brings Canada in line with most other nations, who long-previously lifted their restrictions.

Canada had increasingly been an authoritarian outlier, with the federal government unwilling to move on from the pandemic, and unwilling to give up their expanded power.

So, what changed?

The science?

Of course not.

Countries around the world have already justified the removal of restrictions based upon scientific evidence. And of course, just like truth is the truth regardless of where we are, science is science wherever we are, and isn’t magically different in Canada.

That leaves us with what really drove this change:

Politics & power.

Justin Trudeau has clearly relished the massive expansion of power during the government seized during the pandemic.

Both he and Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland have talked about how the pandemic ended up being an ‘opportunity’ for them to expand government spending and the power of the state.

The Liberals have also exploited the fear-based environment of the pandemic to push for more state censorship and control over the internet.

And of course, we saw how they used and abused the Emergencies Act.

The Liberals didn’t want to end the restrictions.

But they’ve just watched Pierre Poilievre become Leader of the Opposition, winning more votes, signing up more members, and raising more money than any other leadership contender in Canadian history. And all of that was after a campaign in which he pushed for the end of the draconian restrictions put in place by the Liberals.

The Liberals are also watching the polls, seeing that the Poilievre-led CPC are in the lead.

Just as the Liberals managed to capture the energy of change in 2015, Poilievre is managing to do the same now.

And things are much more dire in Canada in 2022 than they were in 2015, meaning the desire for change and sense of discontent is even wider.

So, the Liberals are responding to political pressure and their desire to stay in power by removing the restrictions.

It’s about taking away an issue that had them increasingly offside with our allies and with public opinion within Canada.

But we must never forget what the Liberal government did to the people of this country, and remain vigilant, because the moment Trudeau thinks the politics have shifted again he won’t hesitate to assault the rights and freedoms of the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando


The Freedom Movement in Canada is gaining strength. But the Liberal government and establishment press are already launching a full on assault to hold on to their power. That’s why we need Independent Media to continue fighting back. If you support my writing, you can make a contribution through PayPal, or directly through Stripe below.

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