Trudeau Government Allowing Communist China To Operate Police Stations On Canadian Soil Is What You Would Expect In A “Post-National” State

All Canadians should be outraged by this.

Human nature can be temporarily fought, but it always reasserts itself.

The most successful leaders and nations understand this.

For example, communism has proven to be deeply at odds with how human beings really function, as people want to be rewarded for being productive, and we have a strong instinct to acquire and then protect our private property. Thus, communist states fail again and again, and resort to horrific oppression and violence to stay in power.

Humans also instinctively group together and identify with others. That instinct can’t be ignored, and if it is suppressed in one area it will move to another.

So, if the leaders of a country de-emphasize any idea of a unified national identity, people will identify with more divisive political tribes or will feel more connected to the land of their ancestors than to their new home.

That has some serious negative consequences, because it means that it will be harder for the nation to recruit people to defend it, and that the government of such a nation will be willing to let other countries take advantage of it. A nation that isn’t united and doesn’t stand against harmful external influence will be internally divided and weakened.

That’s the situation Canada finds ourselves in, after years of Justin Trudeau’s “post-national” vision being imposed on the country.

Unsurprisingly, the Canadian military is now facing a recruitment crisis:

“The Canadian Armed Forces is sounding the alarm over a severe shortage of recruits to fill thousands of vacant positions, with the shortfall so bad that senior officers are now calling it a crisis.”

The Trudeau government has insulted Canadian history, allowed statues to be destroyed, called Canada a ‘genocidal’ ‘settler state,’ and pushes diversity quotas. Under those circumstances, it’s inevitable that the military would find it tough to find people to serve.

And it’s not just our military that is being weakened by the post-national agenda.

Our country has been left so wide open, and is so undefended that China is being allowed to operate police stations on Canadian soil:

“The People’s Republic of China has opened at least three police stations on Canadian soil as part of an alleged attempt by the country’s security state to keep an eye on the Chinese-Canadian diaspora.

Three addresses in Toronto are known to be registered as “service stations” operated by the Fuzhou Public Security Bureau, a police force active in the Chinese metropolis of Fuzhou.

The revelations were contained in a newly published report by the Asian human rights group Safeguard Defenders.”

Charles Burton, Senior Fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, slammed the government for allowing this to happen:

“This is an outrage. Chinese police setting up offices in Canada, then “persuading” alleged criminals to return to the motherland to face “justice” – while our own government and security services apparently choose to look the other way – represents a gross violation of Canada’s national sovereignty, international law and the norms of diplomacy. China is extending the grip of its Orwellian police state into this country, with seemingly no worry about being confronted by our own national security agencies.

The RCMP and politicians of all stripes routinely condemn Chinese state harassment of people in Canada, but what action has been taken? There have been no arrests or any expulsion of any Chinese diplomats who might be co-ordinating this kind of thuggery.

Beijing describes these global police outposts as administrative centres to help Chinese nationals renew driver’s licences and other domestic banalities back home. But the Safeguard Defenders study found that they also hunt down political dissidents, corrupt officials or rogue Chinese alleged criminals and urge them to return home.

The summary says some of these operatives are given cover by being formally attached to local Chinese Overseas Home Associations (which have themselves largely become co-opted by the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front Work operations and run out of China’s embassy and consulates).”

The disloyalty of a ‘post-national’ government

To be loyal to a nation, you first have to believe that nation exists, and believe it is something worth defending.

While the Liberal government may be loyal in legal terms, their expressed worldview gives the opposite impression.

Instead, they seem only loyal to the idea that Canada is some sort of place that we should feel guilty and defensive about.

Allowing China to operate police stations on our sovereign Canadian territory, and allowing our military to weaken due to underfunding and a destructive woke agenda should anger all Canadians, because it represents a significant betrayal of Canadian history, and a betrayal of the values our nation is supposed to uphold.

Canada needs leaders who actually believe in this country.

Spencer Fernando


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