Despite Relentless Attacks By Liberals & The Media, Poilievre Leads Trudeau As Choice For Best PM

During the CPC leadership campaign, the press often tried to claim Poilievre was ‘unelectable.’ That narrative has already been demolished, less then a month into Poilievre’s tenure.

Since becoming CPC Leader – and for months leading up to his leadership win – Pierre Poilievre has been subjected to some of the most absurd and unhinged attacks in Canadian political history.

A significant segment of the bought-off Liberal Media and the Liberal-NDP Pact have decided to go all-in on calling Poilievre a radical far-right extremist, despite there being zero evidence to back up their claims.

Yet, despite all the attacks – or perhaps because of them – Poilievre is showing significant strength among Canadians so far.

Poll after poll shows the CPC leading the Liberals in national voting intentions, and now a new Ipsos poll shows Poilievre leading Trudeau among Canadians as the best choice for PM.

When asked their choice for best Prime Minister, 35% picked Poilievre.

31% picked Trudeau.

26% picked Jagmeet Singh.

Poilievre leads Trudeau in Alberta 44%-27%, Saskatchewan & Manitoba 54%-23%, and Ontario 41%-34%.

Trudeau leads Poilievre in BC 38%-36%, and Quebec 30%-18% (Bloc Leader Blanchet leads with 32% there).

In Atlantic Canada, Singh leads Poilievre 44%-35%, with Trudeau in third at 22%.

Favourability vs best choice as a national leader

One intriguing aspect of the poll is the gap between favourability and who Canadians pick as the best leader.

When asked who they feel most favourable about, 38% picked Jagmeet Singh.

35% picked Trudeau.

31% picked Poilievre.

So, how can Poilievre lead as best PM while trailing in terms of favourability.

Well, I think this is due to the increasing sense that the world is a more dangerous place.

The time for ‘nice’ leaders who tell us what we want to hear and peddle feel-good fantasy economics is over.

The time for tough decisions is upon us.

In those circumstances, people may sense that someone like Jagmeet Singh is personable and ‘nice,’ while also seeing that he doesn’t have what it takes to lead the country.

Similarly, while some still fall for Trudeau’s ‘sunny ways’ act, his tenure has been marked by Canada becoming more angry and divided, and our geopolitical position weakening significantly.

Life is objectively worse now than it was in 2015. Canadians realize this, and they realize that life was better under the Harper government, even as Harper was often seen unfavourably by many Canadians due to his more ‘reserved’ nature.

Poilievre spent much of his leadership campaign discussing hard truths about the challenges facing Canada’s economy, and the need for Canada to return to some basic sound principles of economic and fiscal management.

So, that may not make people feel as good as the fantasies peddled by Trudeau & Singh, but in a serious world Canada needs serious leaders, and Poilievre is undoubtedly the most serious major party leader in the country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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