Pierre Poilievre Continues To Get Results As Federal Government Toughens Stance Against Iran’s IRGC Following Intense Pressure

This follows the Liberals scrapping border restrictions after Poilievre heavily campaigned against them.

There is an old adage to look at what people do, rather than what they say.

This can be complicated in politics, since politicians spend most of their time talking in an attempt to influence people.

However, there are moments where words and actions so dramatically that the gap itself tells the story.

And the way the Liberals have responded to Pierre Poilievre is a clear example of this.

In words, the Liberals claim that Poilievre has little support among Canadians, that he is ‘extreme,’ and that they can easily dismiss him.

In actions, the Liberals show that they are deeply concerned by his appeal among Canadians, and are often following his lead.

Yes, you read that right.

The way the Liberals are responding to Poilievre demonstrates that he is already setting many of the terms of political debate in this country, which is a huge reversal from how things were previously.

Consider the ArriveCAN app and associated border restrictions.

Poilievre campaigned heavily against those restrictions in his leadership campaign, and continued to do so after becoming CPC Leader.

Shortly after, ‘the science’ changed, and the Liberals announced they would make the app voluntary and remove travel mandates and border restrictions. What really changed of course was Liberal poll numbers.

Now, the Liberals are again following Poilievre’s lead.

Following a massive protest in Richmond Hill, Ontario against the Iranian regime and in support of brave protesters in that country, attention was drawn to the fact that Poilievre spoke to the crowd, while Trudeau did not.

The Conservative Leader – alongside strong work being done by CPC Deputy Leader Melissa Lantsman – has since repeatedly demanded that the Liberals list the Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as a terrorist entity.

Most MPs – including most Liberal MPs – voted for that to be done years ago, but the Trudeau government has refused to do so.

Today – following relentless pressure from Poilievre & the Conservatives – Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland announced that the federal government would be strengthen their stance against the IRGC:

““The IRGC leadership are terrorists. The IRGC is a terrorist organization.”

Deputy Minister Chrystia Freeland formally declares Iran’s IRGC as a terrorist organization and announces new sanctions on its members.”

10,000 members of the IRGC will be permanently banned from entering Canada.

Now, the Liberals have not gone as far as many wanted, as while Freeland ‘declared’ the IRGC a terrorist organization, they are still not officially listed as such by the federal government, a distinction which is important.

With that in mind, the fact that the Liberals finally took some action can be attributed to politics, not principle.

They are watching as Poilievre sets the agenda, and as he and the CPC refuse to be distracted by the scandals cooked up by the establishment press – meaning they can’t simply change the channel and move on when the pressure rises.

So, regardless of what the Liberals say publicly, the fact remains that they are obviously struggling to counter the strength of the CPC under Poilievre’s leadership.

While it is still early, and an election is likely far away, this all bodes well for the growing number of Canadians who want to see the Liberal government defeated, and who want to finally have a government that stands up for the values of Canadian People based upon principle, not just political desperation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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