POLL: Clear Majority Of Canadians Want To Utilize Our Abundant Energy Resources To Lower The Cost-Of-Living

The Liberal-NDP anti-oil & gas position is not shared by most of the Canadian People.

One of Chrystia Freeland’s favourite rhetorical devices is to say “Canadians understand…” and then proceed with discussing whatever policy the Liberals are imposing.

It’s a smart tactic, since it gives the false impression that there is widespread backing for what the Liberals are doing.

Freeland especially likes to say this when discussing policies that weaken the Canadian energy sector, casting those policies as some sort of ‘sacrifice’ Canadians are glad to make.

Yet, a new survey demonstrates exactly the opposite.

It turns out that a clear majority of Canadians want our country to have a government that uses our natural resources to bring down energy costs, rather than a government that seeks to keep those resources in the ground:

‘If you had to choose, would you rather have…’

A Gov’t That Allows Canada To Use Its Natural Resources To Reduce Energy Costs: 65%

A Gov’t That Preserves Canada’s Natural Resources Even At A Time Of Higher Energy Prices: 35%

Lord Ashcroft / April 4, 2022 / n=10,096 / Online

Canadians are increasingly understanding that anti-energy sector policies have a real-world cost.

There isn’t some surge of ‘green energy’ that can replace the abundant oil and gas our nation possesses.

Instead, refusing to utilize our own natural resources simply means that hostile nations – often led by dictators – will prosper while our Citizens become poorer.

Canada needs leaders who recognize that our natural resources are a gift that is meant to be used for the benefit of our nation, not left in the ground.

And that means the anti-energy Liberal-NDP Pact must be defeated.

Spencer Fernando


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