Poll Shows Canadians Want More Oil & Gas Production To Offset Russian Supply & Support Expanding LNG Exports

The Canadian People understand the geopolitical situation. Unfortunately, our federal government does not.

At this point, Canada’s lack of wise strategic decisions by the federal government has become almost legendary.

Every chance the government has had to set Canada on the path to a more prosperous and secure future, they’ve chosen the opposite.

Our energy sector has been hamstrung, carbon taxes and red tape push investment south, our housing market is massively distorted, our military is in shambles, our tourist sector was severely damaged by some of the longest-running draconian restrictions in the world, and our words are largely seen as empty since they aren’t backed up with economic or military strength.

Now, as world events necessitate some more realistic thinking, Canadians seem to be waking up.

According to a new poll conduct by Leger for Second Street, “72% of Canadians support the idea of Canada developing and exporting more oil and gas resources so the world doesn’t have to buy from Russia. Those who strongly support (49%) this option greatly outnumbered those who strongly oppose (6%) the idea.”

Furthermore, Canadians see a business case for Canada to increase LNG exports, an idea that was heavily downplayed by Justin Trudeau in what was essential a snub of the desperate German Chancellor:

“Canadians are three times more likely to side with industry (54%) rather than the federal government (16%) when asked about whether there is a business case for exporting natural gas to Europe or if the problem is related to government barriers.”

What is important now is for the Canadian People to ensure that the residual common-sense in our nation is converted into actual policy.

Too often, Canadians go against our common-sense instincts and end up electing people who offer a naïve, ‘feel-good’ vision of the world that doesn’t line up with the cold reality of what must be done to ensure Canada has a strong future.

Canada should be massively ramping up our oil & gas production, both to bring our own energy costs down and to help our allies. Canadians can see this, and it’s time our government wakes up and follows the lead of our Citizens.

Spencer Fernando


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