Canadians Facing Massive Increases To Energy Bills As Liberal-NDP Pact Policies Continue Weakening Our Nation

We could easily be ramping up energy production, if it weren’t for a coalition that remains in thrall to radical, far-left anti-energy policies.

Canadians are facing truly massive increases in our energy costs this winter, as the consequences of years of anti-energy sector policies from the Liberals & NDP have left our nation in a needlessly vulnerable situation.

As we’ve discussed before, roughly $150 billion in energy projects have been cancelled during the Trudeau Liberals’ time in power, and the radical anti-energy policies that caused so much economic damage continue with the Liberal-NDP Pact doubling down on increasing the carbon tax.

The Liberals also famously rejected the German Chancellor when he asked for more LNG exports, with Trudeau saying there wasn’t a “business case” for that. Germany than promptly inked deals with Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Now, it’s not just export opportunities we are missing out on.

As noted above, Canadians are about to see huge energy price increases this winter. founder Joel MacDonald says Canadians should expect an average energy bill increase of 50% – 100% this winter.

While there are some international factors at play, domestic policies like the carbon tax are also driving the cost up:

“Right now, MacDonald said, natural gas prices are being driven upward by a combination of geopolitical strife in Europe, the global transition to renewable energy, seasonal demand, the federal carbon tax and the cyclical fluctuation of gas prices over roughly 20-year periods as supply and demand try to meet and overcorrect.”

Doing severe economic damage to Canadians is a deliberate choice

A point that must be made over and over again is that much of the economic suffering of Canadians is happening due to the deliberate choices of the Liberal-NDP Pact.

They have chosen to keep raising the carbon tax.

They have chosen to make it difficult for energy projects to be approved.

They have chosen to snub our energy-poor allies.

And they have chosen to put a radical, far-left ideology ahead of the needs of the Canadian People.

Canadians must understand this, and must hear it again and again and again. When ever you hear your family members or friends talking about the rising cost-of-living and out-of-control energy costs, it is essential that you explain to them that this is a direct result of the policy choices being made by the Liberal-NDP Pact.

The only way to bring these costs down is for that Pact to be defeated.

Spencer Fernando


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