Guilbeault Wants Canadian Banks To Push The Liberal Narrative

The Liberals expect you to be grateful when they give back a portion of the money they took from you.

One of the strangest ‘defences’ of the carbon tax is that it pays out more in rebates than people pay in terms of the tax itself.

This is odd for a few reasons, the first being that it isn’t true, and the second being that any policy could be framed that way.

The government pays out the ‘rebates’ from the overall pool of revenue, so they are simply playing a semantic game by claiming the money is ‘rebated’ because the tax was paid.

The government could double or triple the rebates overnight if they wanted by borrowing more and spending more and directing that spending into ‘rebates.’

But since we are running a budget deficit, any new spending is financed with borrowed money. And what is ‘given’ on the one hand is taken away on the other, as we are all witnessing with the decline in our purchasing power.

Sure, the government can ‘give’ you $500, but if the value of our money has dropped by more than $500 you are still worse off.

This is how the carbon tax does damage in so many ways.

It takes money out of our pockets, drives up inflation thus making the money left in our pockets less valuable, and then disincentivizes investment and development, which lowers the overall level of wealth in the country.

Despite this reality, the Liberals & the NDP continue to push for the carbon tax to be tripled.

And now, Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault wants Canadian banks to help push the Liberal narrative in order to manipulate Canadians:

“Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault says there is more work to do with banks after another round of carbon-price rebates went out to Canadians without making it clear why they were receiving the money.

The rebates go to people in the prairie provinces and Ontario, where the federal consumer carbon price is charged because there is no comparable provincial version.

Ottawa is trying to make the rebates more visible by sending them directly to people every three months rather than incorporating them into annual tax refunds.

But when the first new deposits went out in July, most financial institutions dropped them into accounts with labels like “Canada Fed” or “EFT Credit Canada.”

After getting complaints and a lot of questions from the public, the federal government this time asked banks to specifically label the deposits as “Climate Action Incentive” but not all of them made the change.

Guilbeault says it is “crucially important” that Canadians are clearly informed about the rebates so they fully understand the carbon-pricing system and how it affects them.”

This is classic government double-speak.

Guilbeault says he wants Canadians to be ‘informed,’ yet what he really wants is to get Canadians to be ‘grateful’ for having our money taken away from us and then partially given back.

If that’s the game Guilbeault wants to play, then every bill for every product should include all the ways the carbon tax drives up prices, since it’s not just the tax itself but the follow-on effects of the tax on shipping costs and the broader damage of driving up energy prices.

The Liberals continue to try and discredit more and more of Canada’s institutions by roping them into their attempts to manipulate the public and weaken our economy.

Spencer Fernando


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