New Liberal Carbon Tax Will Cost You As The Trudeau Government Makes Life Even More Expensive

The cost of the ‘Clean Fuel Standard’ will be over $1200 per Canadian worker.

As I wrote about earlier, today we learned that inflation has remained elevated. At 6.9%, the inflation rate exceeded most economists estimates, and food inflation was the highest since 1981.

Rising energy costs are also a concern for Canadians, especially as winter approaches.

But if you thought the Liberals would to take action to help Canadians deal with this, think again.

Instead, rather than helping, they are actively trying to make the situation worse.

We already know that the current carbon tax is set to triple, with the Liberals & NDP having voted against Conservative legislation that would have cancelled those increases.

Even that isn’t enough for the Liberals however, as they are bringing in a second carbon tax that will drive up energy prices.

They call it the Clean Fuel Standard, and as Dan McTeague notes at, it is set to drive up energy costs substantially:

“This new tax will be expensive. According to the report released by LFX Associates, Economic Analysis of the 2022 Federal Clean Fuels Standard, household energy costs will increase by 2.2 to 6.5% a year per household. In real money terms this will mean an extra tax of $1,277 a year per worker.

According to CAE President Dan McTeague “This new carbon tax is being released at a time of soaring household costs. Grocery prices have skyrocketed. Families are struggling to afford the basic necessities for their home. Now the Trudeau government is going to make it even more expensive.”

In provinces that rely more heavily on liquid fuel sources such as oil – like Newfoundland and New Brunswick – these prices will be even higher than in the rest of Canada.

And, contrary to the government’s claim that there will be virtually no negative effect on Canada’s GDP, the impact of this new tax on the Canadian economy could be significant. According to the report, by 2030 the Canadian GDP will be about 1.3 percent lower than without the CFS.”

I know that I keep repeating this point, but we have to ensure Canadians really get it:

The Liberals are deliberately trying to drive up prices and make your life more expensive.

It’s not a bug of their policies, it’s a feature.

Driving up prices so people consume less is the entire point of what the Liberals are doing, because they are so locked into a radical ideology that makes them believe that crushing the pocketbooks of Canadians will ‘save the world.’

But of course, as we well-know, anything we do here is completely cancelled out by China.

And what is China doing?

Building a bunch of new coal power plants.

Here are excerpts from two Reuters articles, from July 20 and September 28 2022 respectively:

“China approved the construction of 8.63 gigawatts (GW) of coal power in the first quarter of this year, nearly half the amount seen in all of 2021, as energy security trumps climate concerns, environment group Greenpeace said on Wednesday.”

“China approved 15 gigawatts of new coal-fired power capacity and another 30 million tonnes of coal-based iron-making capacity in the first half of this year, despite falling power and steel demand over the period, new research showed on Wednesday.”

“China’s coal-fired power construction plans were a major point of contention during global climate talks in Glasgow last year, where countries agreed to “phase down” rather than “phase out” global coal use.

Beijing, the world’s biggest producer and user of coal, has already promised to start cutting consumption, but only after 2025, and researchers with the State Grid have said that 150 gigawatts of new coal power capacity could be built before then.”

Even the smallest fraction of China’s expanded coal power usage wipes out anything that happens in Canada.

Thus, the Liberals are damaging our economy and making our Citizens poorer all to accomplish absolutely nothing.

As Canadians continue to struggle, it is essential that people understand the damage the Liberals are doing to the Canadian economy.

Spencer Fernando


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