On Energy Policy, Trudeau Refuses To Acknowledge Reality

We have been given a brutal reminder of why democratic nations must make full use of our natural resources. Trudeau appears to think the exact opposite has occurred.

Justin Trudeau’s lack of strategic sense is legendary at this point.

And it continues amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Events this year have demonstrated that free and democratic nations must eliminate their dependence on countries like Russia for energy, as that dependence can be weaponized.

Europe has been experiencing significant economic challenges because of this, though they should be lauded for standing up for their values even at an economic cost.

However, much of this could have been avoided had the Western world embraced homegrown energy production instead of restricting it.

The reality is that we live in a world where the power to defend territory and defend our values still depends on being able to extract resources from the ground and use those resources to build up our economy. That economy must also be able to build real things – including weapons.

Tangible things must be built, or a civilization cannot thrive.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau seems not to understand this.

In recent remarks, he claimed that Putin’s attack on Ukraine would accelerate the end of Canada’s oil & gas sector:

“While Trudeau acknowledged that the Russian invasion had caused global demand to surge for Canadian sources of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and crude oil, he predicted that the net effect would be a faster phase-out of the Canadian oil and gas sector.

“Right now in the coming couple of years, we’re going to need to continue with the mechanisms we have, but the move off of fossil fuels … is going to happen much faster because of Russia,” he said.”

Even when he comes close to getting it, he falls short, and allows his radical ideology to take precedence over defending the energy security of democracies:

“Trudeau did appear to make a moral case for Canadian energy on Tuesday night, saying that democracy could not survive if it was dependent on energy from autocratic regimes such as Russia. “We can’t actually make a case that democracy is better for the world … if it’s reliant on authoritarian dictatorships,” he said.

However, Trudeau also said he wasn’t quite suggesting that the world replace Russian oil and gas with Canadian so much as the Ukraine conflict was highlighting the need for the world “to accelerate our moves off of oil and gas.”

At one point on Tuesday, Rathi directly asked Trudeau whether he was prepared to construct east coast LNG ports to bolster European energy supplies. The prime minister replied, “What we are saying, and what we have been saying, is that we are accelerating the transition.”

It’s a position that’s often put Trudeau at sharp odds with Alberta politicians and Canadian oil producers. In March, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers even called on the federal government to give its explicit blessing to ramping up oil production in order to nurture “a far more stable world.”

Weakness and guilt-based thinking empowers dictators

Justin Trudeau’s remarks are a stunning mix of mendacity, ignorance, and naivety.

For years and years, people like Trudeau have been demonizing Canadian history, destroying confidence in our nation, and trying to make people feel guilty for wanting to be rich and prosperous. The energy sector – which is a tremendous gift we should be grateful for and which creates opportunities for the advancement of our country – has been cast as something negative, and strangled at every turn.

This has done NOTHING for the climate, yet it has empowered and enriched dictators in countries like Russia and China.

We have to wake up and deal with the world as it is.

We need to produce more oil and gas, generate more wealth, and build more military equipment. Anyone arguing the opposite is simply deluding themselves.

Unfortunately, our country is currently led by a deluded PM.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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