The Collapse Of Canada’s Military Should Be The Biggest Story In Our Nation

Everything else pales in comparison to the fact that our military may only have the equivalent of a CFL stadium full of people to defend a country of 38 million.

Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton has a seating capacity of 55,614 people.

BC Place in Vancouver has a seating capacity of 52,465 people.

IG Field in Winnipeg has a seating capacity of 33,422 people.

BMO Field in Toronto has a seating capacity of 27,000 people.

Why bring this up?

Because it can help us visualize the absolutely disastrous state of the Canadian Armed Forces.

It is quite possible that – at this very moment – Canada’s deployable Armed Forces personnel couldn’t even fill a CFL Stadium.

We’ve previously discussed the warnings by the Chief of the Defence Staff General Wayne Eyre that Canada has fallen far short of our recruiting goals.

Eyre told the CAF to suspend all ‘non-essential activities,’ a sign that the situation is dire.

And, in an interview with Mercedes Stephenson (a mainstream media reporter who remains quite fair and credible in her coverage), retired General Rick Hillier said the situation is even worse than Eyre is letting on:


In addition to these massive personnel issues, we have almost no equipment.

After the miniscule amount we sent to Ukraine, the government is already saying that we won’t be able to replace it for years:

“The Canadian military will replace over the next two to four years some of the equipment it sent to Ukraine but could face a problem acquiring replacements for the howitzers it donated.

The Canadian Army donated four M777 howitzers to Ukraine’s military and those guns have proven effective on the battlefield in that country’s war with Russia.

But the M777 howitzers are no longer produced. The assembly line was shut down years ago as orders dried up.

National Defence spokesperson Jessica Lamirande said the department would examine various options to replace the guns, including considering buying a different type of howitzer or seeing if other nations might part with their M777s. There is also hope among Canadian military staff that BAE, the firm that made the M777s, might restart the production line if it receives interest on new purchases from NATO countries that have given stocks of M777s to Ukraine.”

A country as rich and technologically advanced as Canada should easily be able to fully equip our armed forces with the latest gear, and provide equipment to help Ukraine fight Russia’s brutal invasion.

The fact that we were unable to provide significant military aid, and the fact that our own forces are so completely understaffed and underequipped is disgraceful.

This should be the biggest story in our nation.

If our country has just 45,000 military personnel who can be actively deployed, that is a disastrous state of unreadiness.

For a country as big in terms of space as ours, with a population of 38 million people, to have less than a full CFL stadium of people to defend it is an absolute outrage.

For a long time, a mixture of the naivety of Canadians and the apathy of our elected representatives has allowed our Armed Forces to wither away.

The Liberals have added to those existing problems by pushing a politically-correct woke agenda in Armed Forces recruiting – which has obviously backfired – and you see the results:

The Canadian Armed Forces is in a state of collapse, at a time when the world is getting more and more dangerous.

Canadians must demand immediate action to rebuild our Armed Forces.

If you agree that it’s time to build up the CAF, contact your MP and let them know how you feel:

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Spencer Fernando


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