Liberals Continue Spending Hikes, Risking More Inflation

Canadians must understand that a problem caused by out-of-control spending cannot be fixed with more out-of-control spending.

Life is full of irony.

Such as the following:

The same oil & gas industry the Liberals want to crush has salvaged Canada’s budget situation.

Thanks to a big surge in commodity prices, meaning oil & gas companies end up paying more in tax on higher revenue, the federal government brought in almost $30 billion more than expected.

As a result, the deficit is much smaller than predicted.

Of course, this only goes to show how much better Canada could have been doing if the government had embraced, rather than strangled, our energy sector over the past 7 years. Just imagine what the $150 billion worth of cancelled projects could have done for this country.

But of course, the Liberals couldn’t help themselves.

They are already planning to spend about half of the new projected windfall.

In the economic statement, the Liberal government announced over $13 billion in new spending in the current year.

And, with over $80 billion in higher than expected revenue to flow to the government from now until 2026, the Liberals are set to spend $44 billion.

Clearly, they just can’t help themselves.

They spend, and they spend, and they spend some more.

The Liberals are counting on economic ignorance, so we must do everything we can to help push back and stand up for economic common-sense.

Canadians must realize this fundamental truth:

You can’t fix inflation caused by rampant overspending and money printing by spending even more money. That will only make things worse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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