Freeland’s Tone-Deaf Disney+ Remarks Showcase How Out-Of-Touch The Liberals Have Become

The Trudeau government often acts as if they are nothing more than disinterested observers, when they are in fact responsible for much of the financial suffering of Canadians.

By now, you have likely seen Deputy PM/Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland’s incredibly tone-deaf remarks on how Canadians can save money during tough economic times.

But in case you haven’t, I’ve included the clip below:

“Chrystia Freeland: “let’s cut that @DisneyPlus subscription”

Feeling the sting of inflation, Canada’s Minister of Finance announced Saturday that she cut her DisneyPlus subscription for a savings of $13.99 per month, and encourages all Canadians to do the same.”

The remarks generated a swift backlash, with Canadians both mocking Freeland’s comments and pointing out how tone-deaf those comments were.

However, more than just the comments themselves, what matters is the attitude those comments represent.

One thing we’ve often seen from the Liberal government during their time in power is that they act as if they are disinterested observers whenever things are going wrong.

Chrystia Freeland isn’t an economic analyst or commentator, she is the Deputy PM and Finance Minister.

If Canadians are struggling financially, she is both largely responsible for that, and in a position to do something about it.

Freeland – along with Trudeau and the rest of the Liberal government – has chosen to implement a carbon tax that makes Canadians poorer (and supports tripling that tax), has imposed policies that restrict energy production and drive away energy sector investment, and supported massive inflationary spending increases that have eroded the value of our money and contributed to the damaging inflation we are seeing in this country.

Freeland also refused to suspend the gas tax, has refused to temporarily remove the GST from home heating, and has refused to remove the carbon tax from home heating.

If she really wanted to ease some of the financial challenges facing Canadians, she could have supported the measures listed above, which would do far more to help Canadians than cancelling a Disney+ subscription.

And this is why so many people find her remarks so arrogant and condescending. Freeland and the Liberals are actively seeking to make life more expensive, and then offer the most tone-deaf possible ‘fix’ for the rising-cost-of-living.

There is no reason that in a country with as much potential wealth as ours Canadians should be worried about having to cut back, and we would be doing far better if the arrogant and out-of-touch Liberal government just got out of the way.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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