REPORT: CSIS Briefed Liberal Cabinet That Use Of Emergencies Act Would Radicalize Some Canadians

Many think that is exactly what Trudeau wanted.

A continuing theme during the Emergencies Act Inquiry is that – contrary to their claims – the Liberal government was not acting in good faith.

Rather than acknowledge how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s divisive rhetoric and imposition of vaccine mandates had caused significant anger in the nation, the Liberal government seemed determined to ignore those who felt betrayed by the government.

At every opportunity, Trudeau seemed to revel in further escalating his rhetoric and showing open disdain for the Freedom Convoy, seeking to further divide that country rather than bring it together.

And now, a document introduced at the Inquiry reveals the Trudeau cabinet was briefed on the damage that could be done by using the Emergencies Act.

The document – a CSIS briefing – detailed CSIS’ concern that the Emergencies Act would lead to radicalization and deepen the anger of the many Canadians who already – rightly – felt the government was infringing on their rights and freedoms:

“🔥 Bombshell 🔥

Lawyer for the Freedom Convoy introduced a damning document by CSIS briefing the @JustinTrudeau Cabinet to the effect that invoking the Emergencies Act might lead to clearing the protest, but that it would radicalize all sorts of people with anti-gov views.”

The fact that the Liberals even had to be briefed on this is stunning, since it should be obvious.

For all of our imperfections as a country, the idea of freedom is still deeply embedded within the mindset of Canadians, and many people instinctively push back when that freedom is threatened.

We saw it with the Freedom Convoy, and we are seeing it in Ontario as well, with a massive and rapid backlash to the Ford Government using the Notwithstanding Clause. That backlash has led both parties to go back to the negotiating table, just as the Freedom Convoy led to many provincial premiers lifting mandates and restrictions (regardless of those premiers claiming the timing was a ‘coincidence’).

Trudeau even remarked upon the fact that Ontario’s actions caused public pushback, an understanding he is unwilling to extend to those who oppose him politically:

“Trudeau is able to recognize that government heavy-handedness generates anger & pushback in the case of Ontario, yet is unwilling to acknowledge how his actions led to the Freedom Convoy. It’s the hypocrisy of someone who has contempt for those who disagree with him.”

It is beyond clear that Justin Trudeau is unable to – even for a brief moment – rise above partisanship and consider things from the perspective of his opponents. And sadly, this continues to deepen Canada’s divisions at a time when our country needs to more unified to address the growing challenges of a dangerous and unstable world.

Spencer Fernando


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