Any Return To Mandatory Masking & Restrictions Must Be Decisively Rejected

Have those in power not yet realized that individual choice – not government dictates – must be the path forward?

Waterloo University is returning to mandatory masking:

“Starting Nov 9, #UWaterloo will require masks for indoor activity that is part of academic instruction. This includes, but is not limited to, lectures, seminars, labs, tests, exams and all other forms of academic instruction wherever it happens indoors.”

And it’s not just one university contemplating this.

In mid October, Justin Trudeau hinted at bringing back restrictions:

“Get vaccinated”, or more restrictions are coming, Trudeau warns

Source: Peter van Oordt (Youtube)”

Doug Ford is also refusing to definitively rule out a return to mandatory masking, though he says it will remain voluntary for now.

The problem is the lack of any definitive and clear rejection of a return to restrictions and mandatory masking.

And we continue to see a complete lack of understanding that the time of heavy-handed government policy should have long passed.

Governments have massively interfered in the lives of Canadians over the past two and a half years, with disastrous results.

Supply chains wrecked, massive debt and deficits, the economy flooded with printed money, and countless small businesses destroyed.

Any return to those disastrous policies must be rejected.

We must continue to rely upon individual choice and individual freedom.

If people want to wear masks everywhere they go, they are free to do so.

But overriding individual decision making is unacceptable.

I encourage you to respectfully contact your local representatives and your MP and make it clear to them that you oppose any return to anti-freedom policies.

We must all make our voices heard to ensure those in power don’t think they can get away with infringing upon our freedoms again.

Spencer Fernando

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