VIDEO: More Ridiculous Mask Theatre From Trudeau

Who buys into his act?

One of the biggest reasons people are more cynical about politicians these days is that many of those in power continue to be blatantly hypocritical even when we can all see it.

The rise of social media has played a part in this, since politicians are now being watched more closely, and thus their hypocrisy becomes tougher and tougher to avoid.

And yet, there are some politicians like Justin Trudeau who act as if nothing has changed.

For Trudeau and the Liberals, it’s all about hypocrisy and theatre.

And that theatre is especially heightened when it comes to masks.

Just look at Trudeau after he got ‘boosted’:

It’s amazing how the mask is necessary, and then not necessary, based on the needs of a media engagement.

How interesting.

Very scientific…

Of course, the real issue isn’t that Trudeau does this, but that people fall for it.

If people didn’t fall for it, he and his handlers would see no incentive in such ridiculous hypocrisy.

So, why do people fall for it?

Well, I think a key reason is that Trudeau is still appealing to the moral superiority some people felt during the pandemic, when they could signal their compliance with government dictates as if that was a good thing.

Like Trudeau, many people in this country are still locked into that foolish mindset, and so they keep buying into what he is selling, as absurd and pathetic as it may be.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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