WATCH: Conservative MP Garnett Genuis Questions Liberal Government For Spending Part Of Military Budget On “Carbon Offsets”

“You can be sure that Russia, China, and Iran will not be using their military budgets to buy “carbon offsets”,” says Conservative MP Garnett Genuis.

Canada’s military is in a dire situation.

With recruitment in collapse, equipment depleted, procurement broken, and funding constantly put off into the ‘future,’ it is clear that the Canadian Armed Forces are in a state of crisis.

This is tragic for two reasons.

First, it’s deeply insulting to our strong military history and those currently serving. Those who serve our nation should have the best equipment possible, and should be buttressed by growing recruitment numbers. Neither of those things are currently the case.

Second, the world is getting more and more dangerous, with countries like China, Russia, and Iran seeking to weaken the democratic capitalist nations and impose an autocratic, anti-freedom world order. To leave our nation almost undefended in such an increasingly hostile world is a complete dereliction of duty by the federal government.

And now, at a time when our country desperately needs military funding increases that focus on actual recruitment and equipment, it turns out the Liberal government is spending part of the military budget on “carbon offsets”.

At the Public Accounts Committee, Genuis questioned why the Liberals would spend a portion of the defence budget on carbon offsets:

“Liberals plan to spend part of our military budget buying so-called “carbon offsets”. You can be sure that Russia, China, and Iran will not be using their military budgets to buy “carbon offsets”. #cdnpoli #shpk #fortsask”

Ideology ahead of common-sense

It’s no surprise the Liberals would spend military funding on this.

It fits with their completely ideological approach to everything.

Just look at how they refuse to remove the carbon tax or even remove it from specific things like gasoline.

Look at how they refused to help our European allies by ramping up LNG exports.

Time and time again, the Liberals put their out-of-touch, extreme ‘green’ ideology ahead of the best needs of Canadians, and it would seem that their approach to the military is no exception that that.

Spencer Fernando

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