WATCH: Senator Leo Housakos Explains Danger Of Liberal Bill C-11

“Government should not be controlling your playlist.”

With the Liberals ignoring criticism and pushing forward with Bill C-11, time is running out to stop the legislation.

The Conservatives in both the House of Commons and the Senate have been firmly opposing C-11, and are seeking to galvanize further opposition among Canadians.

People across the political spectrum – including the National Citizens Coalition and countless individual Canadian content creators – have also been fighting back and warning that C-11 would give the federal government a disturbing amount of power over what Canadians could watch or listen to online, and could even drive Canadian content creators out of the country.

One of the politicians who has been standing up against Bill C-11 the most is Conservative Senator Leo Housakos, the official Critic for the legislation.

In a recent video, Housakos explained the danger of C-11, and emphasized the importance of Canadians continuing to push back against it.

You can watch the video below:

“Justin Trudeau wants to dictate what you watch and post online. Government should not be controlling your playlist. What you need to know about Justin Trudeau’s #BillC11. WATCH:”

Spencer Fernando

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