Poilievre-Led Conservatives Lead Big Over Trudeau Liberals In New Mainstreet Poll

The Trudeau Liberals are now 8 points behind the Poilievre Conservatives.

With the state-controlled establishment press continuing to give Trudeau a free pass while attacking Pierre Poilievre, the CPC has opened up an even larger lead.

According to the latest Mainstreet Research poll, the CPC is at 38%, a full 8 points ahead of the Liberals who are 30%.

The NDP are at 19%, while the PPC, Bloc, and Greens are all at 4% respectively.

Federal Polling:

CPC: 38% (+4)
LPC: 30% (-3)
NDP: 19% (+1)
PPC: 4% (-1)
BQ: 4% (-4)
GPC: 4% (+2)
Others: 1%

Authoritarian government in a failing economy

With the Emergencies Act Inquiry continuing to demonstrate that the Liberals never acted in good faith and were just itching to use authoritarian state power against peaceful protestors, and with the economy continuing to weaken, even the state-run media can’t keep more Canadians from looking for political alternatives.

This, combined with Pierre Poilievre’s refusal to give in to the false narrative of the bought-off Trudeau Media has given the Conservatives considerable strength in the polls.

Of course, we are likely far away from an election, so polls don’t mean everything. But it is instructive to note that the CPC under Poilievre have been consistently polling stronger than under O’Toole.

This shows Canadians want a real choice, a real alternative focused on expanding freedom and limiting the power of the government, rather than a weak echo of the Liberals.

Spencer Fernando


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