The Elites Want To Take Your Money For A Massive “Climate Reparations” Scheme

With Canadians already struggling, those in power plan to make it far far worse.

Imagine the following:

After years of inflation and rampant money printing, those in power decide they haven’t taken enough of your money, and still haven’t devalued your money enough.

So what do they do next?

What new, socialist, wealth-redistribution scheme do they come up with?

Now we know.

Climate Reparations

In a scheme that even the Communists of the 20th century would have been too ‘humble’ to try, the elites gathered at the latest COP summit are pushing for a redistribution of wealth on a scale we have never seen before.

Here’s John Kerry talking about TRILLIONS in spending:

“John Kerry: “We desperately need the money. There is not enough money in any country in the world to actually solve climate change. It takes trillions and no government that I know of is ready to put trillions into this on an annual basis.”

And Canadian environment minister/radical activist Steven Guilbeault is expressing openness to the idea:

“I believe that we need to have an open and frank conversation about loss and damage, which countries like Canada and many developed nations have refused to do so far.”

You know where this leads.

They’ll talk about it a bit, and then introduce a few vague pieces of legislation, and then before you know it our Canadian taxpayers will be getting gouged by the government and our money will stolen away from us.

And of course, while they claim it’s about redistributing wealth from ‘rich’ countries to ‘poor’ countries, what it really means is redistributing money from YOU to Foreign Governments.

The elites won’t give up their money.

They won’t make sacrifices.

They won’t alter their standard of living.


It’s YOU they want to sacrifice.

It’s YOU they want to make all the changes.

They want to keep on flying around the world.

They want to keep on living in mansions.

They want to keep on buying whatever they want.

But to ‘feel good’ and ‘virtuous’, they want to pull up the ladder they used to climb to success and stop the rest of us from being able to make it.

We have to say a resounding NO to this.

Climate reparations are a deeply dangerous idea. It’s the same kind of communist thinking that was supposed to have been rejected.

What we need is more capitalism, more free market competition, more freedom, more choice, and more independence.

The battle between freedom and communism is clearly heating up, and the climate reparations scheme must be stopped.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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