Survey Shows Strong Support For Expanding Private Role In Universal Coverage Healthcare System

Canada is an outlier in terms of our restrictions on private healthcare provision, but public opinion is demonstrating an openness to change.

Canada’s socialized healthcare system continues to crumble.

For years – despite more and more money being spent on it – the system has been unable to handle even small spikes in usage.

While it’s easy to forget after the craziness of the past two and a half years, the fact is that headlines about the healthcare system being ‘overwhelmed’ were commonplace long before the covid-19 pandemic.

Year after year, Canadians watched as more of our tax dollars were spent on healthcare, only for the system to perform worse and worse over time.

Simply put, we spend on a lot on healthcare while getting worse results than comparable nations:

A large part of the problem is that Canada’s system is an outlier when it comes to our restrictions on private delivery.

And when you bring this up, many people quickly fall into an irrational and aggressive opposition to any discussion of changes.

Many people in Canada seem unaware that private delivery of healthcare services can happen alongside universal coverage.

Much of Europe operates this way, with governments subsidizing private insurance plans, or allowing private hospitals to deliver services, which Citizens ‘pay’ for by presenting their government health card and thus billing the state.

But now, it would seem that the undeniable ongoing failure of Canada’s fully-socialized healthcare system can no longer be ignored.

A new survey by Ipsos demonstrates significant openness among Canadians to a larger role for private healthcare delivery within the universal system:

“Canada should follow the ‘French or Swedish model’ & allow private entrepreneurs to manage some public hospitals, provided that medically required care remains covered & fully reimbursed by the government”

Agree: 64%
Disagree: 24%”

This is good to see.

It shows that more Canadians are moving beyond rigid ideology and are recognizing that Canada could be doing far better.

‘Private healthcare’ isn’t something that should ‘scare’ people in this country. Instead, more private delivery will be necessary if we are to save our crumbling system and ensure true universal access for Canadians.

Spencer Fernando


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