Liberal Politically-Correct Repeal Of Mandatory Minimums Benefits Criminals While Putting Law-Abiding Canadians At Risk

Ironically, the communities the Liberals claim to be helping will end up being hurt the most.

If a group of people are being incarcerated at a rate higher than their percentage of the population, the question is whether that higher rate of incarceration is purely about discrimination, or whether it actually reflects the rate of crime.

That is an important question, because if it is just about discrimination than that obviously needs to be addressed.

However, if it’s about the actual rate of crime, then simply trying to reduce incarceration would be a mistake.

In Canada, despite the fact that there are still of course some isolated instances of discrimination, so-called ‘over-incarceration’ tends to represent the fact that crime is higher among certain groups.

The corollary is that victims of crime are also ‘overrepresented’ in some groups, which never gets discussed.

This is why you often see support for tougher sentences and more law enforcement presence in areas that are supposedly ‘disadvantaged’ according to Liberal politicians.

But that doesn’t fit with the narrative today, a narrative that claims any high levels of incarceration must be due to ‘racism’.

So, we end up seeing things like this, just announced by federal justice minister David Lametti:

“For the 1st time in Canada’s history, we have repealed mandatory minimum penalties that directly contribute to the overrepresentation of Indigenous, Black & racialized peoples in our justice system.

Canadians deserve a system that keeps us safe & is actually fair, for everyone.”

“Now that #C5 has passed, judges can craft sentences for low-risk offenders that actually fit their crimes & take into account experiences with racism and discrimination. It means that, where it is safe & appropriate, families can stay together while getting the support they need.”

Political correctness BS aside, here’s what the Liberals actually did. They removed the mandatory minimums on the following crimes:

Using a firearm in Commission of an offence

Possession of a crime gun

Weapons trafficking

Gun smuggling

Armed robbery

Extortion with a firearm

Discharge of gun with intent, reckless discharge

This will only make Canada more dangerous, at a time when crime is already surging – particularly in many urban areas.

Rob Moore, Conservative shadow minister for justice, slammed the move:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has repealed his own party’s longstanding mandatory minimum penalties that were introduced by Liberal PM Jean Chretien and Liberal PM Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Weakening sentences will not reduce crime, it will only embolden criminals.”

Putting Canadians at risk

By putting political correctness ahead of common-sense policy on crime, the Liberals are putting Canadians at risk.

Inevitably, people who should be incarcerated will not be, and will then victimize more people. And since – on average – crime within specific communities tends to involve two members of that community – the same groups the Liberals claim to want to help will end up being victimized at higher levels.

And even worse than that, those who are victimized will be innocent people.

Thus, the Liberals – by imposing such reckless political correctness, are going to sacrifice the innocent in favour of the guilty.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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