Liberals Claim ‘Mean Tweets’ Justified Emergencies Act?

Such a low threshold for using so much power cannot become the new normal.

Many of those who are cheering on or supporting the Liberals’ use of the Emergencies Act are doing so because it was used against people they disagree with.

It was ‘their side’ using state power against ‘the other side.’

But that is an ignorant way to think about it.

The Liberals won’t be in power forever.

At some point they will lose an election, and the Conservatives will be in power.

Would the left and the pro-authoritarian Liberals be fine watching Prime Minister Poilievre use the Emergencies Act the first time there is a big environmental protest?

How about when activists claiming to represent Indigenous People (those activists often ignore pro-development Indigenous Canadians) blockade a railway or try to stop a pipeline project?

Would the left be fine with Poilievre ignoring the law and using his own made up definition of ‘threat to national security’ in order to invoke the Act?

Would they be fine with him freezing the bank accounts of left-wing environmental protestors?

Of course not.

They would rage against it, call it ‘dictatorial’, and denounce Poilievre as a ‘fascist’.

Now, I don’t actually think Poilievre would do this, as he is much more pro-freedom than the CCP-worshipping Justin Trudeau.

But it’s essential for Canadians on the left to consider that they won’t always be in control of the government. The power the Liberals use to attack the ‘other side’ today (as viewed from the perspective of the left, could be used by the Conservatives tomorrow.

So, all Canadians should oppose how the Liberals have sought to lower the bar for the use of state power.

Just consider this from Blacklock’s, where they discuss how the Liberals used ‘mean Tweets’ as one of their attempted justifications for invoking the Emergencies Act:

“Nt’l security advisor testifies hurtful tweets against @JustinTrudeau
justified #FreedomConvoy emergency measures: “There was certainly anti-government sentiment,” said Jody Thomas.”

The Liberals have tried to cast Tweets as a ‘threat to democracy’:

“Jody Thomas, national security advisor to the Prime Minister, yesterday pointed to protesters’ tweets in justifying her claim the Freedom Convoy was a “threat to national interest.” Thomas was appointed as $306,000-a year security advisor last January 11 just two weeks before protesters arrived on Parliament Hill: “It is a threat to democracy.””

Remember, from the perspective of the government, any opposition seems like ‘anti-government sentiment’.

A Conservative government could claim the same thing whenever an activist group opposed them.

Canadians have to stand up and make clear that such a low bar for invoking the Emergencies Act cannot become the new normal. It goes against everything we are supposed to be as a country, and it will lead Canada to a very dark place.

Spencer Fernando


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