WATCH: Eco-Radical Steven Guilbeault Is Angry Other Countries Won’t Embrace His Anti-Growth Agenda

Letting a radical like Guilbeault have influence in Canada is driving down your standard of living.

Steven Guilbeault isn’t happy.

As a radical activist of course, he’s always angry.

But he seems even more angry than usual.

As the COP27 conference winds up, Guilbeault is upset other countries aren’t as hysterical as he and the Trudeau government is, and aren’t as willing to wreck their own economies.

“Canada’s environment minister said it is becoming ‘increasingly difficult’ to reach an agreement at COP27 between almost 200 nations, adding that his country ‘won’t compromise’ on 1.5C.”

Let’s be honest about what is really going on here.

Other countries have leaders who understand the facts, and realize that economic growth is still essential.

We live in a world where – whether people like it or not – countries need money and military power to defend their Citizens/bolster their allies.

If countries like Canada crush our own economies out of some radical ideological attempt to ‘save’ the planet (shutting down our entire economy would make only a tiny dent in global emission), while countries like China and Russia keep growing, then the power of free Western democracies will decline, while authoritarian regimes will prosper and gain both economically and militarily.

More and more countries – including more Western democracies – are recognizing this.

But Guilbeault is a radical, basically an eco-socialist.

Trudeau is a pro-socialist radical as well.

So, Canada is led by people adhering to a radical ideology.

They will gladly demolish your standard of living while flying around the world, yet still feel totally entitled to lecture you about why you should settle for less.

For people like Guilbeault, it’s never enough.

Even though emissions in the developed world have been declining for years (without carbon taxes), and even though emissions on a per capita basis in Canada were falling for years under both Conservative and Liberal governments, he demands more and more and more.

More sacrifice.

More pain.

More poverty.

Guilbeault is on a radical ideological crusade, and the longer he and the Liberals are in power the more our standard of living will be stolen away from us.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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