As Gang Violence Surges, The Liberals Are Targeting Law-Abiding Canadian Hunters

They’re putting politics above public safety, and this will make Canada more dangerous.

Recently, Stats Canada released data indicating the homicide rate in Canada had reached the highest level since 2005.

Much of that increase was due to a surge in gang violence:

“According to Stats Can, “Overall, gang-related homicides continued to account for nearly one-quarter (23%) of all homicides. However, the 2021 gang-related rate was the highest (0.48 per 100,000 population) recorded in Canada since comparable data were first collected in 2005.””

Gang violence has increased in major urban centres like Vancouver and Toronto.

Yet, instead of addressing this problem, the Liberals have launched a despicable attack on Canadian hunters.

The Liberals introduced a bunch of never-previously-discussed amendments to Bill C-21, which will criminalize many firearms owned by law-abiding hunters. Millions of hunting rifles owned by law-abiding Canadians could be banned:

“Emergency VideoThe Liberals with obedient‍ support from the NDP and Bloc Quebecois, introduced an amendment to Bill C-21 that bans all centerfire semi-auto rifles and shotguns with removable magazines. RETWEET
Watch here:”

Conservative MP Raquel Dancho slammed the move.

The full list of firearms the Liberals plan to ban can be viewed here:

There was a big showdown at a House of Commons Committee meeting when the Liberals launched their assault on law-abiding Canadians:

” :

After hunters were blindsided by the NDP-Liberal-Bloc coalition #LookAwayGunBan on Tuesday, @RaquelDancho @DaneLloydMP & @GlenMotz rallied to passionately defend all law-abiding gun owners”

Canada will become more dangerous

The Liberals are doing this for one reason, and one reason only:


They resent the fact that many Canadian hunters live in Conservative parts of our country and tend not to be fans of the Liberals.

So, they are using their power to punish those law-abiding Canadians.

Meanwhile, many urban areas do vote Liberals, and since the Liberals blame ‘racism’ and ‘colonialism’ for all crime disparities, it would be politically ‘inconvenient’ for them to focus on the issue of gang violence.

The issue of course is that this only further divides our nation, and means Canada will be more dangerous, because resources are being redirected away from criminals and are being used to take away the property of good law-abiding Canadian Citizens.

This is disgusting, because it means innocent Canadians will be put at risk all so the pathetic Trudeau Liberals can try and gain a few points in the polls.

Spencer Fernando

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