Trudeau Admits Liberal Government Was Thinking Of Using Emergencies Act “From The Very Beginning”

Not a surprise from someone who admires China’s “basic dictatorship.”

Under questioning at the Emergencies Act Inquiry, Justin Trudeau admitted that the government was thinking about using the Emergencies Act “from the very beginning”:

“When asked when the Emergencies Act came into play as a possibility, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says “from the very beginning.””

Assaulting democracy is Trudeau’s first thought

The Liberals have been hell-bent on expanding their power from the moment they took office.

During the 2015 leadership campaign, Trudeau talked a good game about ‘Canadian Liberty’ in opposition to the supposedly ‘too-controlling’ PM Stephen Harper.

That message was popular, but it of course turned out to be completely dishonest.

Trudeau has been far more controlling and centralizing than Harper was, and the Liberals have unleashed a seemingly endless amount of anti-free speech legislation, with the government going all in on trying to control and censor the internet.

The Liberals also bought off a large portion of the establishment press by making them dependent on taxpayer funding.

And, with his use of the Emergencies Act against a protest that happened because he divided the nation and imposed vaccine mandates on Canadian truckers, Trudeau made it clear that government power – rather than dialogue – is his preferred method of dealing with disagreement.

Now, to hear that the Liberals were thinking of the Emergencies Act from the very beginning fits perfectly with the back and forth messages they were sending about exploiting the moment for political advantage.

In short, the Trudeau Liberals purposely divided Canadians, used those divisions to stoke and increase anger, and then used that anger as a supposed ‘justification’ for invoking authoritarian powers.

And all of this is being done by a party that has lost the popular vote twice in a row.

With many Canadians having rejected the Liberal government, and with the government refusing to listen to or acknowledge criticism, it would seem that abusing state power is all the Liberals have left.

Spencer Fernando

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