WATCH: Trudeau Says Protests Demanding Changes To Public Policy Are “Worrisome”

He then said it was okay if the protesters were demanding something like “safe injection sites.”

Through his time in office, we have repeatedly seen that Justin Trudeau is fine with protests that he agrees with, but has no respect for those who have a different point of view than him and the other out-of-touch Liberal elites.

For example, he was telling everyone to “stay home, save lives,” but then attended a large BLM gathering because it lined up with his political interests.

As you’ve probably realized, that’s the kind of attitude authoritarians have.

They are fine with disruption and chaos and large protests when they can leverage it for their own interests, but they have contempt for gatherings of people who oppose government policy.

So, it was no surprise to see that during his testimony at the Emergencies Act Inquiry, Justin Trudeau sees protests demanding a change to public policy as ‘worrisome’, before quickly reversing himself and saying it’s okay to ask for changes like ‘safe injection sites’:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says protests are part of a robust democracy but can’t be used to demand “changes to public policy.” He then says protests can be used to demand changes to public policy.”

As I said on Twitter, this is insane:

“Trudeau is basically telling Canadians you can’t protest against being coerced into getting an injection but you can protest to force our tax dollars to be used for giving out tons of illegal drugs at ‘safe’ injection sites. Insane.”

It’s clear that what Trudeau really finds “worrisome” is that Canadians are standing up against his attacks on our rights and freedoms.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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