Justin Trudeau – Who Invoked The Emergencies Act, Fired Principled Cabinet Ministers, Looked The Other Way On China’s Interference, & Is Suppressing Online Speech – Accuses Pierre Poilievre Of Undermining Canada’s Democracy…

Zero self-awareness.

Under Justin Trudeau, Canada is a far more divided and angry place.

He has pitted region against region.

He demonized unvaccinated Canadians, using the dark side of populism in us vs them appeals to the majority.

He fired principled colleagues like Jody Wilson-Raybould when they stood up for ethics in government.

He invoked the Emergencies Act, despite the threshold for invoking the Act as defined by CSIS not being met.

He looked the other way as China interfered in Canadian democracy, doing nothing despite knowing for years that it was a growing problem.

And he’s imposing legislation like Bill C-11 & C-18 that are designed to enhance centralized state control over the internet while sidelining critical independent Canadian voices.

All of that demonstrates how the chief underminer of Canadian democracy has been Justin Trudeau himself.

But of course, he either lacks the self-awareness to understand that, or he simply doesn’t care about being a hypocrite.

In a speech to the Liberal Caucus, Trudeau instead tried to claim that Pierre Poilievre is the one undermining Canadian democracy, slamming Poilievre for saying “Canada is broken.”

““When he says Canada is broken, that’s when we draw the line. This is Canada.”

PM Trudeau accuses Pierre Poilievre of “undermining our democracy” and twice accuses him of spreading conspiracy theories.”

It’s hilarious for Trudeau to claim Poilievre’ runs away from reporters, when Trudeau has been doing everything possible to buy off the media with taxpayers dollars.

Year after year, the establishment press becomes more and more dependent on government bailouts and wage subsidies.

And with Bills C-11 & C-18, Trudeau is seeking to wipe out successful independent competitors of the establishment press.

So, if Trudeau feels comfortable talking to the media, it’s largely because they are biased in his favour and dependent upon the Liberals staying in power.

On the broader point made by Trudeau regarding Poilievre supposedly “talking down Canada,” this is one of the most pathetic ways a politician could frame something.

Across the country, Canadians are struggling, with surging energy costs, food prices, shelter costs, and more.

Wages aren’t keeping up.

Productivity isn’t keeping up.

Healthcare is crumbling.

Opportunities like selling billions of dollars of LNG were thwarted by Trudeau.

The carbon tax drives up prices and takes more money out of our pockets.

So yes, Canada is broken in many ways.

Pointing this out isn’t “talking down the country,” it’s acknowledging reality.

And if we can’t acknowledge reality, then we can’t do anything to improve.

Trudeau’s arrogance, hypocrisy, and radical ideological approach is weakening Canadian democracy and wrecking the economy, and no amount of deflection or gaslighting stops that from being true.

Spencer Fernando

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