A Turning Point: Canada Must Reverse Our Soft-On-Crime Policies

Going easy on violent criminals is clearly a failed experiment, and it is unacceptable that innocent Canadians like OPP Constable Grzegorz Pierzchala are losing their lives because of it.

In the wake of a tragedy like the murder of OPP Constable Grzegorz Pierzchala – who was just 28 years old – it is always important not to attempt to politicize what took place.

However, because political decisions lead to real-world consequences, it is often necessary to discuss political issues.

Otherwise, nothing will change.

And that’s the case following yet another instance of Canada’s soft-on-crime bail system leading to the death of an innocent Canadian.

Randall McKenzie and Brandi Crystal Lyn Stewart-Sperry were arrested after fleeing the scene, and have been charged with first-degree murder.

The killing of Constable Pierzchala has been called an “ambush,” as he was reportedly shot while attending to McKenzie & Stewart-Sperry’s vehicle when it was in a ditch.

McKenzie had a criminal record, including firearms offences. He was also charged with assaulting a police officer in 2021, yet was released on bail.

In remarks following the murder of Constable Pierzchala, OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique criticized the fact that McKenzie had been released on bail:

Where is the compassion for law-abiding, innocent Canadians?

Much of the shift towards ‘soft-on-crime’ policies in Canada has been justified on the grounds of ‘compassion.’

Advocates of the current status quo often argue that it is too ‘harsh’ to imprison people for long-sentences, and believe every one should have the chance for rehabilitation.

That should certainly be the case for many financial and drug crimes.

However, to extend that even to violent criminals, and to default towards avoiding incarceration for repeat offenders ends up being harsh towards innocent people.

For example, Myles Sanderson had an extensive criminal record, yet was granted parole. He went on to kill 10 people, and wound 18 others at James Smith Cree Nation in Saskatchewan.

What was compassionate about letting him out of prison?

What is compassionate about the loss and suffering of those who were injured in his stabbing spree?

Isn’t it ‘harsh’ that that countless people lost their loved ones?

Misguided thinking

We must strive for balance and reasonableness.

A justice system excessively focused on punishment isn’t a good thing.

But a system excessively focused on being lenient towards criminals isn’t a good thing either.

And we shouldn’t feel that we have to choose between one extreme or the other.

Instead, common-sense should prevail.

We shouldn’t be putting drug addicts in prison, and we shouldn’t be letting repeat violent offenders out of prison so easily.

We must recognize that a balanced justice system is the only system that can be truly compassionate, because compassion towards innocent law-abiding Canadians requires a certain level of strictness towards those who put others in danger.

Constable Grzegorz Pierzchala was a young man just starting out on the path to a lifetime of serving the public.

He dedicated himself to a line of work that makes the lives of Canadians safer.

He lost his life because the justice system is skewed towards criminals, and that is something that should dismay and outrage every Canadian.

It is now up to each of us to speak out and advocate for a return to a common-sense justice system. We must ensure this is a turning point that leads to the end of Canada’s failed soft-on-crime experiment and restores our justice system to something worthy of the name.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter