New German LNG Terminal Already Accepting Shipments From United States, As Canada Misses Another Opportunity

To escape from our present dire economic circumstances, we should be embracing opportunities to enrich our country. Instead, the Trudeau government allows their radical ideological agenda to take precedence over common-sense.

A wealthy allied nation desperately wants – needs – to buy something we have in large supply.

Selling it to them will benefit them, by reducing their dependence on oil from dictatorships like Russia and preventing an energy crisis.

Selling it to them will benefit us, by providing an influx of money at a time when our country certainly needs as much money as we can get.

But instead, Germany’s pleas for more LNG from Canada were rebuffed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Since the world doesn’t wait around for Canada to embrace an obvious opportunity, others have already embraced.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Germany rapidly built a new LNG terminal, and it is already importing more LNG from the United States:

“Germany’s newly constructed liquefied-natural-gas terminal received its first full cargo from the U.S. on Tuesday, as Berlin races to shore up its supply after the end of its decadeslong energy relationship with Russia.

The shipment arrived at the LNG import terminal in the port town of Wilhelmshaven on the North Sea, a facility that was built at a breakneck speed in less than a year to help Germany avert an energy shortage.

The U.S. gas supplier, Venture Global Calcasieu Pass LLC, a subsidiary of Venture Global LNG, is likewise rapidly expanding its facilities to meet Europe’s rising demand. Venture Global LNG last year secured $13.2 billion in financing and gave final approval for a project near New Orleans—the first new U.S. plant to receive a green light in three years.

The tanker, the Maria Energy, was loaded on Dec. 19 in Calcasieu Pass, La., at a facility Venture Global brought online in the middle of last year. It carries around 170,000 cubic meters of LNG, which is enough to supply around 50,000 German households with energy for one year, according to Uniper SE, the operator of the Wilhelmshaven terminal.”

This is how a country falls behind

Countries that embrace opportunities get ahead.

Countries that reject those opportunities fall behind.

Canada has been falling behind for a while, with our per capita growth lagging most comparable nations.

Higher GDP per capita improves everything, as it represents higher productivity.

It means more money for infrastructure, more money for the military, more money for healthcare.

It means the government can fund itself with lower tax rates.

And fundamentally, it means advancing civilization.

The United States has been experiencing much better per capita GDP growth than Canada, as have many other nations.

In fact, Canada is projected to have the worst per capita GDP growth between now and 2030 among all OECD countries:

Canada OECD Productivity Chart

We could easily change this.

We are absolutely swimming in natural resources – the resources other countries are desperate to buy.

But we are currently led by politicians like Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, and Steven Guilbeault, politicians who consistently put their radical, anti-growth, anti-energy, anti-industry ideology ahead of basic common sense.

So, unless they have some sort of awakening to reality, Canada will keep missing opportunities until we have new leaders in power.

Spencer Fernando

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