NDP To Back Liberal Internet Censorship Push

Pretend opposition party again backs Trudeau’s agenda of centralizing power. What a surprise…

Yesterday, I wrote about the fact that the NDP has become nothing more than an appendage of the Liberal government.

While Jagmeet Singh Tweets criticisms of the Liberals once in a while, and pretends to be an Opposition leader, in reality he has turned the NDP into a tool of the Liberal government.

And now, he and the NDP are backing yet another Liberal move.

As reported by Blacklock’s, the NDP plans to back Liberal internet censorship legislation:

“Twenty-five New Democrat MPs will pressure cabinet for legislation this year to regulate legal internet content, Party leader Jagmeet Singh said yesterday. Regulations should include censoring “misinformation,” he said: “It has to be the government.””

“Regulate legal internet content.”

That’s the part that should be concerning to everyone, as it implies a large expansion of government power, and the expansion of the state into areas previously left alone.

Certainly, content that is directly inciting violence against people, and content that features the abuse of innocent people should be regulated, and the law already applies there.

What the Liberals and NDP are doing is going far beyond that.

This follows the trend of media bailouts and legislation like C-11 & C-18 that make the CRTC more powerful at the expense of a free and open internet.

A fear of competition

The rise of social media has given a voice to a wider swath of Canadians, many of whom disagree with the rising power of the government.

Rather than embrace the free competition of ideas, the Liberals & NDP are showing they are afraid they will lose that competition, and are thus trying to prevent it from happening at all.

Not only will this be damaging to free speech in Canada, but it will hurt our nation economically.

History shows that money and creativity gravitates to the freest jurisdictions, and the more Canada strays from freedom the more talent and investment will go elsewhere.

And in an age when being able to utilize the internet is essential to economic success, the long-term damage to our nation could be profound unless this censorship push is defeated and rolled-back.

Spencer Fernando


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