‘World Stage Trudeau’ Bears No Resemblance To The Trudeau Who Governs Canada

On the world stage, Justin Trudeau says all the right things about opposing authoritarianism and helping struggling Citizens. So why does he seem to abandon all of that the moment he returns to this country?

If Justin Trudeau actually was the person he portrays himself to be on the world stage, Canada would have decent leadership at the top of the federal government.

When speaking to a global audience, Trudeau says all the right things about freedom and opposing authoritarianism, and generally comes across as a relatively generic supporter of liberal democracy (liberalism defined here in its traditional form, not the rebranded socialism it has become).

For example, few could disagree with the basic point Trudeau made in these recent comments:

Yes, authoritarian leaders – like those leading Russia and China – are causing significant global issues.

And yes, the high cost of living is a serious problem.

The problem is that Trudeau seems to forget that back here in Canada his government continues to make decisions that drive up the cost of living.

And he also seems to forget that he is the only Prime Minister to have imposed the Emergencies Act, dramatically expanding the power of the government and infringing upon personal freedom.

Trudeau also advocated for continued restrictions and vaccine mandates, even as much of the free world was moving in the other direction, which left Canada as a highly restrictive outlier until recently.

The benefit of a government-dependent media

Why does Trudeau feel politically secure enough to be so hypocritical?

A large part of it is because he has confidence that due to much of the media being dependent upon the government, he can get away with a significant amount of contradictory behaviour.

He – or his advisors – also know that the international media won’t dig into his statements that much. And really, why would they? We don’t pick apart the statements of most foreign leaders when they speak in Canada.

But for Canadians, there is certainly a feeling of whiplash watching Trudeau talking about authoritarianism and the high cost of living as if he’s doing something about that back home.

Meanwhile, the Liberal government is expanding state control over the internet, standing in the way of energy sector growth, dividing the nation along regional lines, and pushing taxes up and up, which is making life less affordable for Canadians.

Canadians can clearly see that the Trudeau who shows up on the world stage bears no resemblance to the Trudeau who governs the country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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