Trudeau’s Disgraceful Snub Of Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe Will Deepen Western Alienation

Someone who so willingly divides the nation for his own short-term political gain clearly lacks the qualities of a true leader.

Justin Trudeau continues to deliberately stoke Western alienation and divide the country.

During a visit to Saskatchewan to tour the Vital Metals rare earth mineral processing facility, Trudeau inexplicably left Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe off the invite list, despite the Saskatchewan government having been a critical backer of the facility.

Unsurprisingly, Moe wasn’t happy about it:

Scott Moe Statement

Asked about the snub, Trudeau then lectured Saskatchewan:

“Today in Saskatoon, PM @JustinTrudeau was asked why he hadn’t invited Saskatchewan Premier @PremierScottMoe to his event and tour or even informed Moe that he was coming. Trudeau took a direct shot at Moe on the environment. #cdnpoli #skpoli”

Surging Western alienation

Western alienation continues to grow, and Justin Trudeau’s anti-Western, heavy-handed, centralizing government style is a key reason why.

Trudeau had a gift-wrapped opportunity to reduce the tension, as he could have held a nice amicable event with Moe on a rare issue in which the Saskatchewan government and the federal government agree.

All he had to do was invite Moe, be respectful, deliver a generic speech, and then move on.

But Trudeau couldn’t even manage that.

He had to turn a possibly unifying moment into something that makes things even worse.

He probably feels he will get some more votes in a few urban ridings by ‘taking’ on the ‘right-wing’ Saskatchewan government, and he’s willing to do that regardless of the consequences for the country.

We see the same thing in Trudeau’s overall approach to the energy sector, where he has cost our nation tens of billions of dollars by imposing a ‘green agenda’ on Western provinces that want nothing to do with his anti-energy sector agenda.

The more Trudeau puts his short-term political interests above the unity of Canada, the more it’s clear that he lacks what it takes to be a true leader.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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