The Danger Of Jagmeet Singh’s Socialist Rhetoric

Canada already has significant problems holding on to talent and incentivizing innovation. What will happen if we move even further down the socialist path?

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh often comes across as a joke.

Whether it’s criticizing the Liberals even as he keeps them in power, lecturing others about who they associate with even as he speaks at events alongside hateful individuals, or complaining about food prices after voting against measures that could have eased those prices, Jagmeet Singh often seems like someone who is in completely over his head.

However, there is another side to Jagmeet Singh that is deeply concerning:

His use of divisive socialist rhetoric in an appeal to ignorance designed to divide Canadians.

If you look at Jagmeet Singh’s Twitter profile, you’ll notice that he strings together a litany of socialist-style claims.

Singh denounces any expansion of private healthcare.

Singh falsely claims “Liberals & Conservatives” have been cutting healthcare spending (in reality it has gone up year after year.

Singh blames grocery store CEOs for rising food prices.

Singh falsely claims “wages are down,” when wages have in fact been increasing while not keeping up with inflation largely caused by policies Singh supports.

Singh claims the Liberals are “protecting the rich” and that is somehow connected to rising food prices, an illogical claim designed merely to divide people.

Blame the rich, increase anger, centralize power

Jagmeet Singh is using socialist rhetoric because he is a socialist.

He wants Canadians to blame the rich for rising prices, get angry at rich people, and then demand an increase in government power so the ‘rich’ can be punished.

It’s the same tactic that socialists and communists have used to try and gain power around the world.

There are always more non-rich people than rich people, even though by the standards of the past the average person today has a tremendous level of access to basic necessities and technology.

Humans tend to judge our circumstances in relation to those around us, rather than in relation to the past.

So, when times are tough, it’s easy for a politician to direct anger towards the rich minority, and blame that minority for the struggles of the population.

Notice however that the blame always avoids people like Jagmeet Singh – a well-connected politician who happens to be relatively wealthy himself.

Somehow, well-paid people within the government aren’t thrown into the category of ‘the rich’ when socialist politicians talk about it.

The consequence is that ‘the rich’ who are blamed and demonized tend to be those who are the most productive and who actually generate value.

The sad irony is that governments and politicians can only ever really take from what others produce, so you have the spectacle of a politician like Jagmeet Singh calling productive people greedy while demanding the right to take more of their earnings and direct it towards his own political vision.

It’s no coincidence that when full-blown socialists like Jagmeet Singh take power, you end up seeing severe economic damage, a deepening of divisions, the exodus of many wealthy & productive members of society, and lower standard of living.

Thus, the more Canadians who fall for Jagmeet Singh’s ‘greedflation’ rhetoric, and the more who ignore the fact that excessive government power, excessive government spending, and excessive government taxation have led to the problems Canada faces today, the more our nation will head down a dangerous socialist path.

That’s something we must ensure never happens.

Spencer Fernando

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