Trudeau’s Race-Baiting Strategy Proves Dividing Canadians Is All He Has Left

The more Trudeau fails, the more he demonizes those who point out those failures.

Justin Trudeau has led the Liberal Party in three elections.

In the 2015 election, he ran a relatively positive campaign, a campaign which included lines like “Conservatives are our neighbours,”.

Trudeau also had almost no record to scrutinize in that campaign, and he was thus able to present himself as a blank slate for a disgruntled electorate to project their aspirations upon.

Yet, after just four years in office, Trudeau lost his majority government and lost the popular vote in 2019.

He lost it again in 2021.

Trudeau has gone from 39.47% of the popular vote to 33.12% of the popular vote, to 32.62% of the popular vote.

And the raw vote numbers for the Liberals look even worse:

2015: 6.9 million votes

2019: 6.0 million votes

2021: 5.6 million votes

Despite Canada’s population having increased since 2015, the Liberals have lost a net 1.3 million raw votes.

This demonstrates that the more Canadians see of Justin Trudeau, the less they support him.

Yet, the more this process unfolds, the more Trudeau refuses to do any sort of introspection or consider his own role in the surging level of anger and division in the nation.

Instead, as he demonstrated in a recent Toronto Star interview, Trudeau has decided to call Canadians racists, saying this about Pierre Poilievre and Poilievre’s supporters:

“What is he actually proposing? He’s saying everything’s broken. He’s playing and preying on the kinds of anger and anxieties about some Canada that used to be — where men were men and white men ruled.”

Reading Trudeau’s disgusting remark, ask yourself this:

Does that sound like someone who intends on uniting Canadians, or does it sound like someone who is willing to rhetorically burn down the country to hold on to power?

The answer is obvious.

Having failed economically, having failed on national unity, having failed on strengthening the military, having failed on defending our rights and freedoms, and having failed on being credible among our allies, Trudeau has nothing left but to try and split the country in such a way that he wins another narrow victory.

The fact that Canada grows weaker and more divided every day obviously means nothing to him.

Furthermore, the use of divisive racial politics in a country that is made of many different groups of people is deeply disturbing and dangerous.

A terrible combo

Justin Trudeau is pushing identity-based division, designed to get people to demand more government power to keep groups they dislike in check.

Jagmeet Singh is pushing income-based division, designed to get people to demand more government power to punish ‘the rich.’

Both lead to a more divided and more socialist nation, with less room for individual identity, less room for free speech, and less room for economic freedom.

As Canadians, we have to stand up and reject that divisive agenda. Canada needs freedom and unity, not socialism and division.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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