Jagmeet Singh Criticizes The Government He’s Propping Up On Boil Water Advisories

Does Singh not realize that the Liberal-NDP Pact continues to keep the Liberal government in power and shield Trudeau from accountability?

Jagmeet Singh continues to demonstrate a stunning disconnect between his rhetoric and his actions.

If you just read what he says on Twitter you would see that – rampant misinformation aside – he spends much of his time criticizing the Liberals.

He often sounds like an opposition leader.

But it’s all pretend.

In reality, Singh has turned the NDP into an arm of the Trudeau Liberal government, as the Liberal-NDP Pact he signed shields the Liberals from the full accountability inherent in minority governments, and keeps the Liberals in power until 2025.

Considering that reality makes Jagmeet Singh’s recent comment on boil water advisories seem deeply hypocritical:

“In 2015, Justin Trudeau said all long-term boil-water advisories would end by March 2021.

Now, they hope to lift all advisories by 2025.

The Liberals keep stalling.

Meanwhile, we have:

33 long-term boil water advisories.

31 short-term drinking water advisories.

It’s wrong.”

It’s sadly ironic that Jagmeet Singh laments Trudeau pushing the deadline to 2025, the year in which the Pact expires.

Singh also seems *shocked* that Justin Trudeau breaks promises, something that should be obvious to everyone in the nation.

The question is, does Singh not understand how this works, or does he not care?

Or – as seems increasingly obvious – does he just have total contempt for those he thinks are amenable to his message?

After all, he’s blatantly lying about healthcare, he’s complaining about high food prices while supporting policies that make them higher, and he’s lamenting the ongoing actions of the Trudeau government as he keeps that government in power.

At the end of the day, if Singh can’t be honest about the consequences of propping up the Liberals, maybe he should stop doing it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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