Liberal Government Still Refusing To End Canadian University Partnerships With China’s Military

At a time when it is essential for Canada to be seen as a reliable part of the Western alliance, the residual pro-CCP sentiment in the Trudeau government is damaging our strategic interests.

With China, Russia, Iran, and even North Korea increasing linking together their efforts to weaken Western democracies, it is more important than ever for Canada to be a reliable ally to other democracies.

Unfortunately, residual pro-Chinese Communist Party sentiment within the Trudeau government will make it difficult for many of our allies to trust our nation.

The most egregious example is the fact that Canadian universities are still partnering with the Chinese military.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, “Canadian universities have for years collaborated with a top Chinese army scientific institution on hundreds of advanced-technology research projects, generating knowledge that can help drive China’s defence sector in cutting-edge, high-tech industries.

In the past five years, academics at 10 of Canada’s leading universities published more than 240 joint papers on topics included quantum cryptography, photonics and space science with Chinese military scientists at the National University of Defence Technology, according to research provided to The Globe and Mail by U.S. strategic intelligence company Strider Technologies Inc. Some of these NUDT researchers are experts in missile performance and guidance systems, mobile robotics, and automated surveillance.”

To say this is dangerous would be an understatement.

China is still looking for an opening to invade Taiwan, a conflict which could very well involve Canadian ships, planes, and troops.

With the US and Japan likely to intervene if China launched an invasion, it wouldn’t be long before some American military personnel were attacked by China, and the Canadian Forces would almost certainly provide assistance to our American allies.

Thus, Canadian universities helping the Chinese military become more advanced not only risks the lives of our allies, but also of our own men and women in uniform.

Further, China will decide whether to invade Taiwan or not based upon their assessment of their chances of success, and their chances of success will be increased if they have a more advanced military.

No excuse

At this point, there is no excuse for Canada to not have cracked down and ended Canadian university partnerships with China’s military.

The fact that the Liberal government hasn’t done so continues to show their inability to accurately assess Canada’s national strategic interests.

In a dangerous world, that is something we can’t afford.

Spencer Fernando


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