Amid Surging Levels Of Violent Crime, Liberal-NDP Pact Votes Against Ending ‘Catch-And-Release’ Policies

Despite unanimous calls from the Premiers for bail reform, and despite law enforcement officials asking for immediate changes, the Liberal-NDP Pact has chosen to put their out-of-touch ideology ahead of the public safety of Canadians.

Crime in Canada – particularly violent crime – is surging.

In total, violent crime is up 32% since the Liberals took office.

Gang homicides are up a stunning 92%.

And the Liberal government has made it far easier for violent offenders to get bail – policies that coincide with the surge in crime.

It’s simply a common-sense observation of reality:

The government has made it tougher for repeat violent offenders to be kept in jail, so there are more repeat violent offenders on the streets.

And, when you consider that the Liberal government would rather spend their resources going after law-abiding Canadian gun owners instead of gangs, it’s no surprise that the country is more dangerous.

Consensus ignored

Reforming Canada’s catch-and-release bail system is a consesus position among the Premiers and many Canadian law enforcement representatives.

Top police officials have called for immediate bail reform, as have all of Canada’s Premiers – regardless of their partisan stripe.

But Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh have decided to put politics ahead of public safety.

The Liberal-NDP Pact, along with the Bloc, have voted against a Conservative motion calling on the government to fix the broken bail system in order to improve public safety.

“The Liberals, NDP & Bloc voted against a motion to fix the country’s broken bail system.

The horrific stories, the ⬆️ in crime rates, keeping violent criminals off our streets, the calls from all 13 Premiere & police officers. They said: Nope.”

Here’s the text of the motion:

“That, given that, after eight years of this government’s soft on crime policies,

(i) violent crime has increased by 32%,

(ii) gang-related homicides have increased by 92%,

(iii) violent, repeat offenders are obtaining bail much more easily,

(iv) increasing daily acts of crime and violence are putting Canadians at risk,

(v) five Canadian police officers were killed in the line of duty in just one year,

the House call on the government to enact policies that prioritize the rights of victims and law-abiding citizens, namely:

(a) fix Canada’s broken bail system by immediately repealing the elements enacted by Bill C-75, An Act to amend the Criminal Code, the Youth Criminal Justice Act and other Acts and to make consequential amendments to other Acts, which force judges to release violent, repeat offenders onto the streets, allowing them to reoffend;

(b) strengthen Canada’s bail laws so that those who are prohibited from possessing firearms and who are then accused of serious firearms offences do not easily get bail; and

(c) ensure that Canada’s justice system puts the rights of law-abiding Canadians ahead of the rights of violent, repeat offenders.”

By voting against this motion, the Liberals are making it clear that addressing Canada’s surging levels of violent crime is not a priority for them.

The government seems set to continue their soft-on-crime policies, putting their ideology ahead of the voices of Canadians who are desperately asking for action to make our streets and communities safer.

Spencer Fernando


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