Poll Shows Strong Support Among Canadians For Expanded Private Healthcare Delivery

Contrary to claims by those who oppose any involvement of the private sector in healthcare, Canadians do indeed recognize the need for expanded delivery options.

Jagmeet Singh and the backers of the socialized healthcare system continue to fearmonger about the increasing use of private delivery within the universal system.

Singh and others are attempting to claim this is “US style for-profit healthcare,” which is misinformation.

The private clinics are funded by the public system, and people ‘pay’ by presenting their health card.

In short, Singh and those trying to block any innovation or improvements to the healthcare system don’t offer any solutions or new ideas, they only try to stop any changes from taking place.

Clearly, Canadians are rejecting that kind of irrational and myopic thinking.

A new Angus Reid survey shows strong support for the expanded use of private healthcare delivery within the universal system.

Respondents were asked the following question:

“Ontario is having doctors at private, for-profit clinics perform some services, such as cataract, hip and knee surgeries and MRIs, which are paid for with public funds. Would you support/oppose in your own province?”

21% said they “strongly support,” while 36% said they “support.”

By contrast, 17% said they “strongly oppose,” while 16% said they “oppose.”

In total, that’s 57% in support, and 33% in opposition.

In fact, a majority of people in every province support the expanded use of private delivery, with the exception of Ontario. Even in Ontario however, support outweighs opposition, with 48% in support of more private delivery compared to 42% in opposition. 10% said “not sure/can’t say.”

Partisan breakdown

Notably, the NDP finds itself isolated in opposition to expanded private delivery.

72% of CPC voters support it, as do 69% of Bloc voters. Even 51% of Liberals support more private delivery.

Among NDP voters, 36% support more private delivery, while 55% are opposed.

Even that number is notable, since that means a third of NDP supporters are open to expanded private healthcare.

What this demonstrates is that after years and years of gaslighting in which any private sector involvement in healthcare was demonized, the sheer weight of the collapsing healthcare system is finally breaking through.

Spencer Fernando


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