Liberal-NDP Pact Votes To Continue Imposing The Carbon Tax On Struggling Canadians

After rejecting an opportunity to scrap the carbon tax, Justin Trudeau & Jagmeet Singh can’t claim to care about the economic problems facing Canadians.

Yet again, the Liberal-NDP Pact has demonstrated that they want Canadians to keep struggling financially.

Both of those parties voted down a Conservative motion that would have scrapped the carbon tax:

Here’s the text of the motion:

“That, given that,

(i) the Bank of Canada governor has admitted that the carbon tax contributes to inflation,

(ii) the Parliamentary Budget Officer says that households will pay more in carbon tax costs than they get back,

(iii) the government plans to triple the carbon tax, which will increase the price of gas, groceries, and home heating,

the House call on the government to immediately cancel the carbon tax.”

The Liberals and NDP often claim that they are trying to help struggling Canadians, but their support for the carbon tax completely goes against that claim.

Again and again, the Liberals and NDP put their radical ‘green’ ideology ahead of helping Canadians, and our Citizens are literally paying the price.

And, since the carbon tax goes up every year, that price keeps on rising.


Spencer Fernando


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